Walk Acts

Bedlam Oz

Big Mob Walkabout

Big Mob WALKABOUT is a majestic parade of hyper flexible interactive slinkies with bursts of comic energy amongst the crowd. A number of choreographed and interactive mini shows are presented during this hilarious 30 minute walkabout. Big Mob has played all over the world in music, art, children and family festivals both indoor and outdoors as well as at many corporate events.

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Nellie the Hippo

Hippos are confusing animals. You know them from picture books as big brave, cuddly creatures that only open their huge mouth to laugh or to swallow a bunch of lettuce. On the other hand, they rank high in all top ten lists of the most dangerous animals on land. What is the truth? If you meet Nellie the Hippo in the wild, forget what you know and only believe your own eyes. 
Nellie is curious, gruff, cranky or now and then even nerdy; sometimes a clown and sometimes a prude. Nellie can dance like a nymph and sing like a nightingale. When she is in a good mood, her ears curl and her eyes glow with pleasure. But if she is rude and naughty, caregiver Alki has to make every efford to keep Nellie in line. Even though she can be moody, we think she is the sweetest hippo in the world!
Nellie de Hippo 1 349 x 262

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ACTUA Produccions Les Nomades walkact

ACTUA Produccions

Les Nomades

Two immense, colouful creatures provide a beautiful visual spectacle. 
Beautiful, big fantasy figures. Kind to children and pleasant for grown-ups.

LES NOMADES 349 x 192
Petit Lilo

Little LILO

Who has never wished to have a dog?
But be aware kids, moms and dads, LILO is really big and will not fit in your home!
The little LILO is a GIANT puppy full of energy and really NAUGHTY that arrives to your city to play with everyone!
Throw the bone and he will get it for you!
Play with his giant ball and he will follow the game!
Call him by his name and he will come to you!
But be aware if you ask him to shake, his leg is huge!
Giant toys, music and a lot of dog' mischiefing will make the little LILO a family spectacle full of surprises.

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We do not know where they come from, where they are going is also unknown.
What we do know is that this colorful poultry likes to be part of every party, festival, fair, event or parade.
The Birdy's can be heard from afar due to the shrill, raw trumpeting sound and are most at ease in a habitat of sociable audiences.
With long, movable necks, they can reach almost anything, so watch out if they come near you.

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Bike Babes Ike The Bike

Bike Babes

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Ike The Bike

The Bike Babes are two clumsy superheroes that have come to save the world on their ingenious four meter high flying bike.

The Bike Babes fly far above the heads of the public on Ike the Bike and scout the area for people in need of help. Ike the Bike glides over the asphalt and through its purple glitter music boxes you can hear funny parodies of well known superhero-tunes. In between, short scenes take place in which the Bike Babes interact with the audience.

Circus Theater Vladimir

The Dancing Bear

After decades of not dancing entirely voluntarily in various cities and villages in particular Eastern Europe, bear Vladimir takes matters into his own hands: With a self-built mini merry-go-round, as we know it from our fairs, he travels around the country and invites children from sitting on the back of only 2 figures on the mini merry-go-round: 2 people. Who has not used to 'ride a horse' on the back of his or her father!
Up and down they go, and around. And round again, because they are only small circles. Until the bell rings for the next 2 children. Bear Vladimir helps you get in and out, checks whether you are sitting properly and dances a bear round!
Meanwhile cheerful barrel organ music sounds.

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Bee Happy

Bee Happy is an impressive mobile street theatre act in the form of a moving'bee carousel and is an ode to the Bee, as a symbol of all insects that are struggling under the influence of pesticides and large scale agriculture.
Nevertheless, a cheerful and colorful event.
The character 'Mr Bee' and the accompanying Beekeeper ensure contact with the public and discuss the theme.

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This endearing inflated dragon is menacing at first, but friendly if you look closely. He towers above everyone. He skips on to cheerful music, dreamy and dancing, but suddenly he jumps fifty meters further at a dazzling speed. Have you ever put your head in the mouth of a dragon? Or would you rather keep some distance?

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Kleine Prins

Little Prince

The show "Little Prince" is inspired by "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupérey (1943). It is a walk act on a moving asteroid (∅ 2 m), on which the little Prince lives; with the rose, the occasional working volcano and tranquil music. 
The animation is small, in the sense that it is not as outgoing as previous creations from Circus Theater Vladimir. It appeals to silence, wonder, devotion, friendship and affairs of the heart. 

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Accompanied by employees of Maritime Cleaning Neptunus BV, this 5.5 meter long fish swims stately above the heads of your audience. 
He regularly needs to burp, and plastic balls escape from his stomach into his mouth. This is due to the plastic soup in which he lives. 

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Compagnie with Balls

Atharina Solo

Atharina is a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 1.70 meter tall ball. 
This walk act in combination with acro-rolling and acrobatic dancing can be accompagnied with music. 

Join The Parade – Ferdinand

Movement-theater. Dynamic ‘poetry’ on a grand scale

Join The Parade is a swinging parade.
An unmissable eye-catcher with two four-meter high figures.
A giant marionet dances and plays with Atharina, a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 2 meter tall ball!
And the audience? Just like with the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they cannot help but be seduced into joining the parade.
This towering mix of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound set. However, Join The Parade can handle any other (live) music source. An interlude with a live band stimulates the audience into high-quality dance movements. Guaranteed swinging!

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Join the Parade walk act straattheater compagnie with balls

Join The Parade - Pablo

Movement-theater. Dynamic ‘poetry’ on a grand scale

Join The Parade is a swinging parade. An unmissable eye-catcher with two four-meter high figures. Pablo, a giant marionet dances and plays with Atharina, a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 2 meter tall ball! And the audience? Just like with the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they cannot help but be seduced into joining the parade. 
This towering mix of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound set. However, Join The Parade can handle any other (live) music source. An interlude with a live band stimulates the audience into high-quality dance movements. Guaranteed swinging! 
Join the Parade is designed for streetfestivals or any other open air event.

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The Great Parade

The Great Parade is a swinging procession.
A not to be missed eyecatcher with two giant puppets: Pablo and Ferdinand and two dancers on top of two two meter tall balls. 
This towering mixtude of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound system. 
Guaranteed swinging!

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Join the Parade - Jitske

Movement-theater. Dynamic ‘poetry’ on a grand scale

Join the Parade is a swinging parade. An unmissable eye-catcher with two four-meter high figures. Jitske, a giant marionet, dances and plays with Atharina, a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 2 meter tall ball! And the audience? Just like with the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they cannot help but be seduced into joining the parade. 
This towering mix of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound set. However, Join the Parade can handle any other (live) music source. An interlude with a live band stimulates the audience into high-quality dance movements. Guaranteed swinging! 
Join the Parade is designed for streetfestivals or any other open air event.

compagnie with balls atharina solo
De Wereldwandelaar walk act straattheater

The World Wanderer

With the world at her feet, the World Wanderer is a walking adventure.
On top of her almost two meter high globe she is an eyecatcher at any event, an evocative image that tickles the fantasy.
Close to the globe, an exchange arises between the World Wanderer and the audience. Childeren and grown-ups are happily busy searching for places on the globe where they have been or where they want to go. Around the world in 80 days? The World Wanderer brings her audience around the world in 30 minutes!

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KadoBuro - straattheater voorstelling

Directie & Co

The Gift Company

The Gift Company is THE office for gifts that make you happy.
With their step bikes and a trunk full of possible encounters, they connect people.
The Gift Company offers a sigh of relief, shines a light on people and opens the heart.
They supply pats on the back and treat you to a moment of quality time. 
The storage room in their trunk is endless.
The Gift Company brings light wherever she goes.  

Doublee Animation & Theater

Klara 3, Bertus 5 and Milou the Cow

Klara and Bertus once had a beautiful farm that one day started going downhill. Driven by deep despair they decided to get rid of all the cows, except Milou. Milou decided that she would no longer give milk but something much tastier.

double milou2

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Frans Custers

Boyacı Hüseyin

Hüseyin has had years of practical experience as a shoeshine boy in Istanbul, and now he goes out into the world to follow his trade. However, there is one big problem: he only speaks Turkish. He will have to pull out all the stops to make contact with people and to obtain his goal. Actually, he wants to earn as much money as possible by polishing shoes, but his disposition is such that he does not let people pay him because everyone is his friend...

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The Little Clown

Leather trousers, white shirt, bow tie and hat. Suitcase in his hand. 
With an enormity of intensity he moves very carefully, shyly, he sometimes puts a step foreward and then back again. He goes his own way, and meets a lot...

The Little Clown is brilliantly quiet. Silently he approaches his audience, observes them and watches, watches, and watches. Someone gives him candy, something to drink, or tells him sweet words. Or just watches him. Also in that case he will react adequately. Not too big, just enough. Sometimes people cannot get enough of his gaze and just watch his watching. As strong as iron, but at the same time as fragile as glass.

The Little Clown can be found at various open-air happenings, such as street festivals, fairs, shopping areas et cetera. But the Little Clown is also a happy choice for livening up staff parties, galas, exhibitions, receptions and so on. Of course he is also available for special assignments. 
In a time of fast television series, spectacular performances and dazzling shows, who still dares to present the small, vulnerable act of the Little Clown?

The Little Clown will perform solely for adults.

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Miep is a farmer's wife from the Limburg village of Siebengewald. There she lives with her husband Toon. Every now and then, to get some rest, they go off for one or several days, because all the work on the farm is no picnic. 
Miep tries to find fun activities where she can meet people. Because she likes to chat, very much. Dressed in a green loden coat and with a bag overloaded with vegetables, Miep trudges through the crowd. With her voluminous, piercing voice she keeps people informed about her opinion. And she has one. In her own natural way she overwhelms people with her opinion. Miep will absorb the visitors of your happening inside her world. 

You can meet Miep at all kinds of open-air activities such as street show festivals, fairs, shopping areas et cetera. But Miep is also employable at staff parties, galas, exhibitons, receptions and so on. She will warmly welcome the guests and will inform them about the prices of the drinks and the hour at which the croquette rolls will be served. 
Are you looking for a good excuse to interrupt your conference, or do you need some noise on your seminar, then Miep is the perfect way. Miep is also open to all special assignments, fill in for yourself! 

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Schmörl Bratz

The eccentric Schmörl Bratz is always on the road with a heavy bag full of science on his back. 
He comes from nowhere, does not linger and quickly goes back to nowhere. 
He has a lot to say and he mumbles a lot. Inconsistent stories that you have tot make sense out of on your own; it appears he comes from far away. 
He travels with abandon with his luggage through mountains and valleys to unknown destinations that he apparently will never reach. With his strange walk and movements the friendly, kind-hearted old man investigates his surroundings before deciding to continue walking.  

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Votre Zjean

Zjean has been a lackey for ages, and he knows his profession like no other. He works on his audience with excessive slickness.
His aim is always to strengthen his own social and financial position, which is however less high than he wants to make it appear. He leaves no stone unturned to obtain his objective, so people of rank with a social and financial position should be on their guard. Votre Zjean is ideal, among other things, as an entrance act for parties and receptions.

Hendrik & Co

Car o Chienno 2.0

Less talking, more coffee…

Where do they come from, these 2 coffee drinking and nonsense talking idiots? 
Their smartly built coffee machine takes at least 20 minutes to make one cup of coffee! 
They are perfect to demonstrate this fantastic invention on your festival!

Elfenfluister - Image Entertainment

Image Entertainment

Elf Whisper

"Elen Síla Lúmenn Omentielvo"
(A star shines on the hour of our greetings)

Let go
Whisper, meet an elf

Animation act with Unicorn horses and elves. 
Suitable as an entrance act, walk act through the audience and/or as show.
Harley’s Angels

Harley's Angels


Animation theatre with Biker Horses and Biker Bitches.

Suitable as walk act through the audience, reception and/or as show. 

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Prinses Samira en het paard van Arabië mobiele act

Princess Samira and the Arabian horse

Get enchanted by the blindingly beautiful princess Samira, her gorgeous horse and dazzling belly dancers. She is travelling to the Golden Palace and on her way she rests and seduces you to join an Eastern tea break. 

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MaTTo straattheater

Signore Misurare

A wise gentleman with a well-balanced act makes you think.
We can only measure what our thoughts are worth when we have revealed them.

Matthias Trautmann

The elephant Jochen is talkative, interesting, child friendly, unique, independent, difficult to control, funny, reserved, happy, willingly, understanding, a personality, grumpy, charming, vigorous, sweet, beautiful, very private and yet (soon) famous. 
The elephant is a minimalistic figure on a bike that will steal the hearts of childeren. He is approximately 1.10 meter small and moves largely by the most modern technical features. He is therefore completely self supporting. Basically: it's time to get to know Jochen the Elephant!!!

Jochen de olifant 335 x 210

Krist Doo Festivaltheatre


Golila is a very rare and special animal, there is only one lilac coloured gorilla on the whole planet!
Golila is a very social, curious and gentle ape. This sweet animal likes to play, although sometimes he is a little bit lazy too. 
Golila, the lilac gorilla is a miraculous, interactive walk act. The ideal performance for every event! Music festivals, dace events, street theatre festivals, amusement parks: Golila feels at home everywhere, on any terrain. 
Kids, adolescents and adults: Golila entertains everyone!

Golila 2 350 x 233

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Snowflake, the Albino Gorilla and his zookeeper

Snowflake is famous for being the only known Albino Gorilla in the world. It is a cheerful and friendly monkey. You can give him a hug, he is very soft and fluffy. Together with his zookeeper, Snowflake likes to go to festivals, it really is a party animal!

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Marc Heijnen Sopacuwa

Away from it All

The art of meeting.
happy with his car
enough problems on the road
to amuse himself with

All-round improvisational theatre with appropriate distancing.

Bicycle Man

A special theatrical appearance!
He rides through town and city on his bicycle.
With the flag in hand an announcement of before, during or after. 

Warning: great chance of surprise.

A flag of your festival, company or other special occasion can be used (on request). For more information, get in touch!
Puppet Dogs street theatre

Lukasz Puczko Marionettes


Burek – The Dog Marionette is a fully improvised show. The character of the marionette has been creating and changing with every show for the last years. This marionette is breaking most of the rules of standard marionettes, he is a very dynamic puppet and before you know it he will find what he needs, he will be already in another place fighting with a real dog, or playing with kids. It’s an amazing opportunity for people who are afraid of dogs as it might be good therapy for them because of his realism. Great fun for kids and adults on same level.

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“Marysia - The Giant Hen” is a fully improvised walking act.

The hen is an original biomechanical puppet based on biomimic movement, which makes it feel real and provides a high level of entertainment. Marysia is equipped with “facial'' mimic (the beak and eye lids are mechanical) and fully functional wings. The beak and eyes are lightened by LED to improve expressing emotions during the night time. It feels extra genuine in touch thanks to 13.000 real feathers.
Marysia is inquisitive, cuddly, funny and she can easily surprise you with her humor. The caregiver watches over Marysia’s discipline. When she is happy, she flaps her wings and stretches herself up to 3.2m height. 

Marysia is the freest range hen in the World!

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Martin Forget

Martin Forget is a mime player, entertainer, actor and street artist. He creates animation acts and performances that are interactive and are characterized by powerful visual humour. With a gesture, a sound and a facial expression this actor becomes your father, neighbour or colleague, or maybe even yourself! Martin looks at you the way you look at him. He puts a giant mirror in front of you, as it were. 

The most beautiful baby in the world

Hi, I’m Lilly and this is MY BABY: Tommy.
I wear him proudly on my belly. 
Tommy isn’t one year old yet, but already he can talk, read, write and count to ten. 
Tommy is funny, he is beautiful, sweet, kind and always cheerful.
I don’t want to boast, but Tommy, MY BABY, is extremely gifted, smart and highly intelligent.

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Brother and I

Twins Teun and Ted are inseparable. 
Everything they do in life, they do together, and with pleasure. 
But the times are changing: Teun is feeling Teds weight increasingly on his shoulders. It’s hard for him and that shows!
The fact that they are attracting attention doesn’t make it any easier. 
Should you meet Teun somewhere on the road, please don’t hesitate to free him from his burden, if only for a few seconds.
He’ll be very grateful to you.

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For centuries people have asked themselves: are there any life forms on other planets? And if they are there, what do they look like? At last the mystery has been solved. It has been proven: extraterrestrial beings exist! For one of them has landed on Earth: the MEN-ALIEN.
The MEN-ALIEN is not a green, small, skinny guy with large eyes and a tiny nose. No, this being from outer space looks very different from what we expected until now. It has three heads, four faces and a lot of legs.
All day long it noses around and touches everything and everyone, since it is curious about you! Is that okay? Isn't it dangerous? Come and find out for yourself... the MEN-ALIEN!

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SPACE-CI-MEN is a group of five robots.
They walk around everywhere and analyse all the people they encounter with the simple goal of understanding the Human Race. They are behind you, beside you and they are looking at you just as you are looking at them. These robots don't know anything about Humanity, but they learn quickly. They save everything in their robotic memory,
SPACE-CI-MEN: Where do they come from? What do they want? Nobody knows.

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De Kofferman - walk-act

The Suitcase Man

He wants to travel but his suitcase does not!

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The Shopper

A man walks down the street with a pile of parcels:
There are more than he was planning to buy.

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The Living Plant

Put this living plant on your party, congress or in your store and you can be sure that it will not be unnoticed! 

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De  Struisvogel en de Dompteur

The Ostrich and the Trainer

In complete sybiosis and disharmony, they run, jump and stumble from front to back and from left to right. Who is actually in control here? If you see them coming, take a step aside, because an ostrich is more dangerous, more curious and more affectionate than you think. 

The Charmer

He would love to give away his flowers but to who... he does not know. There is always a prettier person on the other side of the street. 

The Newspaper Collector

Round, round, he walks around looking for your photo in the newspaper.
(This man searches for photos of passers-by in his super-thick newspaper. The newspaper is so thick that he occasionally loses control of it. Do you want to give him a helping hand with cleaning up? Do know what you are getting into, because the chaos could get even bigger!)

The Mover

This man has only one goal: all the boxes must be delivered on time. Walking around with a two meter high stack of boxes is not easy. For example, how can you get through the door?

Merkel & Vannix


Science knows no boundaries, a know-it-all professor and his nimble assistant bring us the results of their groundbreaking research: a real Dragon! Which they have hatched and nurtured from its beginning with the help of a self-constructed incubator. But how do you bring a dragon to spit fire? Be witness of a fire breathing lesson for beginners with great consequences.
Dragon close up dragon
De Dodo-O-ologen straattheater

The Dodo-O-ologists

Science knows no boundaries, a know-it-all professor and his nimble assistant bring us the results of their groundbreaking research: the last dodos. And because "the last shall be the first", they are looking for your help: adventurous fathers, broody mothers and children that can sit absolutely still are ideal. Let these two gentlemen educate you in the many wonders and advantages of breeding these rare birds.
Jøttnjøl mobiel straattheater Puppetry


Jøttnjøl come from afar. Where they come from, or where they are heading no-one knows. But they are here now. 
Their curiosity is boundless, they gather the odours and colours of life and wonder about everything you carry with you or leave behind. Who still cherishes treasures found at the beach, long, long ago? Who still has them? That very first marble, or maybe the last one? A paperclip, a dried flower, a lucky stone. Ordinary yet extraordinary things. Personal treasures, that don't fit in the life of a growpup.
Jøttnjøl love to take care of your and their own treasures, they have enough room to care for all of them. They roam the streets and alleyways looking for more treasures, searching for the ultimate sensation of warmth and safety, Jøttnjøl, a special encounter, will find a place in everyone' heart. 
Jøttnjøl is a puppetry walkabout act. Two distinct creatures on their way, with enormous backpacks filled with gathered adventures and impressions. They never finish collecting: after all, everything is of value. Street theatre with a poetic disposition. Unique and endearing. Jøttnjøl. 

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Pêt-à-Porter mobiel straattheater Puppetry


Max the Horned ape feels right at home in any environment. He is easy to handle, housebroken, colourproof and wrinkle free. The ideal house and garden pet. This unique animal travels from zoo to zoo with his loyal porter 'Porter', but will he find a place that would like to keep him?
A mobile puppetry street act with one performer and one puppet(eer). 

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Ruut van Hooft

Ruut van Hooft has a very extensive repetoire of theatrical possibilities. In addition to his clown theatre, with acts such as: The Boxer, Solo Simple, Der Baloenenknakker and Madame Moise, he created many animation figures or characters for the audience. Examples are: Dr. W.T.P. van der Stulk, Jan Tenne, Jan de Bredeman, Ing. Maarten van Splundert and many more...
Thanks to years of experience in this profession and regular retraining at home and abroad, he shall insure to stay alert and thus keep his work fresh. He loves simplicity and interaction with the audience.  

Jan Tenne

Jan Tenne reports on your event, festival or wherever. 
With Gerrit-in-the-air he keeps the listeners of Radio Fake FM informed.
If you are present, he records it, if necessary with his super-8 camera.

Farmer Bert with Stien on step

Suddenly you are in the middle of the city or anywhere else face to face with a cow with a farmer on top of it. A cow with horns and without labels! That is special. Cow Stien lamented one day: I want to go out. 'That's okay', said Farmer Bert, 'but I'm not going to walk next to you!'. And so it happened. A funny street animation with a lot of mooing and a barely understandable farmer.  

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The Fanfare

The Tambour-maître P.H. van Galen loves his work. Music on full and keep on marching!!
This animation is a tribute to Lex Maes (1947-2002), a grand one-man street theatre player with a multitude of unique animations. 

De L’exfare straattheater walk-act

Ing. Maart van Splundert…

Notorious Animation
Seated in a wheelchair, he makes the environment his own. You should not pay any attention to this 78-year old man and above all, try to avoid him. Grumpy, yelling and grumbling to everyone, he makes life difficult for everyone who gets in his way. Every comment you make is wrong, even though it is a positive one. Van Splundert can perfectly take care of himself. 

Madam Moisa

Cosy animation
This clownish pompous appearance chats the ears right off your head and puts her nose into your business in a friendly but smug way... Is there a party, festival, opening or you name it, then Moisa is a welcome addition to the joy of the party.

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Spheric E-motion

Nebula Swing

Funny characters in their own globe come to play with you. 
They make games of dance, dances or movement - graceful, coquetteries, surprises: the personages evoke emotions and softness.

A beautiful welcome for your gala. An astonishing moment for your festival. A strong impact for your trade-fair. A surprising time for your event. 

With 1 to 8 bubbles
Duration: 15 minutes

The colour of the dresses and the confetti inside the bubble can be adjusted upon request. 

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Duo Douce


Duo Douce

This headless couple is a real hoot. 
A hilarious slapstick with a lot of improvisation and interaction. This headless pair have lost each other and need to have help from the public. Once they have dound each other, they feel complete again... well, almost.
Las Madamas Muertas

Las Madamas Muertas

A fabulous ambiance, child-friendly and colourful mobile act, full of interaction with the audience, humour and movements. An eye- and ear-catcher with an aesthetic content. 
These Madamas are floating... back and forth between life and death with sparkling mysterious apparitions... They flirt and like to play with you in their macabre dance in the mist. Follow them and see who they are: strange ladies from the dead, risen to become lively among the people. 
Listen to the extraordinary music that floats around them: the sound of their mystical world. 

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Man without a Head

Look! A headless man, smartly dressed, looking for contact. Wandering through the streets, he's looking for a good head, so beware! 

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Sven Roelants

Agent No. 16

It seems like this non-verbal persona has come straight out of a silent movie. Agent No. 16 moves on a playful scooter from the old days, which is equipped with all the bells and whistles. 
The accompanying music is crucial for his movements, expression and behaviour. 
When Agent No. 16 tries to maintain order, he does so in a very playful way and sometimes with a touch of romance. 
He also has the possibility to take troublemakers onto his bike, which can lead to very playful situations. 
Agent No. 16 is a witty act where clowning and circus techniques are intertwined.

Agent nr 16 349 x 350

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Lange Guust Sven Roelants

Tall Gus

With his large feet and dancing legs, Gus merrily rolls by on his giant kick scooter. A sudden joy-filled stop packed with juggling and improvising to entertain both young and old. Then a loud squeeze on his horn, the wheels return to motion and off he goes again! But who is this tall funny red-nosed clown? It's tall Gus! 

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Marcel Cyclette

Marcel Cyclette

Cyclette fantastique is powered by solar energy and très important: à l'énergie des femmes. With gallantry he seduces beautiful women on his bike.
For the men he has liqueur, cela réchauffe le coeur. He lights the heart and the environment with his flaming pipe. Tall Marcel Cyclette surprises and seduces, warms the heart and conquers a smile on your face.

Sven Roelants 347 x 260

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Professor Kazimir

Professor Kazimir hails from the Old World and travels around on his fancy rolling chair equipped with the infamous Wheel of the Wise, a strange happiness barometer and a unique catapult that spreads little happiness.
This entertaining professor insists on sharing his knowledge with everyone, whether they will listen or not.
Kazimir has many talents and gifts, not least of all those of an omniscient seer. In his mystic orbs he sees things that remain hidden from us mere mortals...

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Rider Mo

Theater Altrego

Rider Mo

Mo, actually called Manfred K. from Hildesheim, is the most important and, unfortunately, the only member of Biker Club MC Hilde. He rides through the audience on his wooden Harley-Davidson. His two (not wooden) bodyguards keep the fans and groupies at a distance. Because who can resist the charms of Rider Mo? 

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Sir Bones

Sir Bones

The old rock star Bones (Sir Bones) has been in a car accident. A broken leg binds him to a wheel chair for a few weeks. 
His band's World Tour has been cancelled due to his accident, and now he is free the entire summer. Fortunately, he heard about your wonderful festival: what a great idea for a holiday! 
Now he is here and two gentleman from the security department of Theatre Altrego will accompany him though the city. 

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Last Minute

5, 6, 7 ... The clock is ticking. The surprising figures of Last Minute want to live the life to the fullest. But for them it is also hard to manage the time. They are wasting time, distracted, lose their attention, a suitcase is forgotten and then again there are all kinds of obstacles are on their path. There is no way to reset the time. This multi-coloured ensemble will make you laugh about all those moments in daily life that will get you out of rhythm as well.The characters in this walk act will speed up and rush through the audience.

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Half fish, half machine, the glorious F.I.S.H. trio is ridden by three historical characters seeking to thrill and impress. Inspired by the creative genius of Jules Verne crossed with a dose of Victorian elegance, sailors of the seven seas and street theatre. Guests will be transported to an imaginary world with giant colourful fish and humorous historical characters. The aquatic pedal-powered roaming act provides an unforgettable and unmissable interactive experience.
F.I.S.H. 2 349 x 144

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Go on Parade

Dismissed! Drum Major 'Go' walked off from her marching band. With quite some ceremonial display she installs herself at her temporary post in order to conduct routine and special inspections. As 'Control' is her middle name. With a keen eye for detail, Go checks her temporary subjects and puts the situation to her hand instantly in a very charming way. Is everyone ready for this ceremonial with an appealing blink? Come along with Go on Parade.
TukkersConnexion Go on Parade 350 x 183 2

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Go Solo

Go Solo

Small but brave, travveling by truck and trailer. She discoveres the world on her own. 
Ready to shine like a star in front of a big crowd on her own stage. No circus, no theatre and no dance but simply excellent. She will twist the audience around her little finger while clowning around. Sharply improvising from hard to heartbreaking. Go Solo; a small spectacle.

Go Solo is a street performance but is also suitable as walk act with short show moments.

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Hippocampus mobiele straattheater act


No guts, no glory!

Mutiny on the continent. While riding their seahorses two gladiators will clash like they were Neptune, Spartacus or Ben-Hur?
These blood brothers are like floating restless oceans. Lances will be pulled and swords will be crossed. In primitive terms tbey drivel nonsense and surreal one-liners. These last Romans are really lost. Let's hope they'll meet the crowd in the middle and be back on speaking terms soon. 

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'Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is happening to you all?' 

A Rococo-styled dressing table with a stool starts to move and a volunteer will be asked to take place and speak about the meaning of beauty. This Mirror with its shimmering tummy will always speak the truth. His guests will always be convinced of their own charm. It will be a dazzling reflection with reality. 

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World Statues 2009;  Nederlands en Wereldkampioen

Orange Lady

Busy, busy, busy... The stewardess is unlike any other statue (or steward). Orange in appearance, this lady has a strange way of serving her guests, and though she appears slow in her movements she is always rapidly following her schedule. While overlooking the challenges she stays busy all the time, unless she is looking for something else. 

With this performance Godelieve was the great winner at World Statues 2009; she became the Dutch and the World Champion living statues.

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Son of Man

René François Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fall under the umbrella of surrealism. His work challenges observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. One of his best known works is 'The Son of Man'.

Available as solo or duo act.

Vannix Theatre

Ferdinand & Louise: Forgotten Suitcases

Two bellhops walk around with a luggage trolley full of suitcases. Forgotten suitcases that still have 'life' in them. Suitcase secrets and memories of times gone by. But not forgotten yet...
Ferdinand and Louise are the last bellhops on duty. They still take care of the forgotten suitcases.
Every forgotten suitcase has a story, of a forgotten life.
Ferdinand and Louise give the spectator an insight into strange, sad, romantic, absurd, touching and true stories. 
Vannix Theater DonQzot


Who still believes in dreams?
Fools, a world full of fools.
But, who is the fool now?
The nobleman DonQzot de la Mancha. An errant knight in search of his dreamed of and beloved Dulcinea. For her, he wants to fight injustice and he does so by attacking windmills. On his faithful horse Rocinante he experiences the most fantastic adventures. 
His servant Sancho Panza on his donkey tries to keep his masters delusions in check as best as he can, but alas: in vain!
The show is cute, child-friendly, romantic, educational, cheerful, and always on the side of true love. So who knows...!



Two Meerkats escaped from the Zoo, looking for a new clan. Nosy, playful and adorable.
This pair of Meerkats has not yet adjusted to the human world. Curious and fascinated they try to make sense of their new home. They stand and watch carefully, before they approach you. Be patient and get in touch with these beautiful creatures. It is easy to want to make contact with intriguingly beautiful creatures, but bear in mind... they are predators!

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Iron Wings straattheater mobiele animatie

Abacus Theatre

Iron Wings

The new knights of the dragon order have risen. Like true descendants of King Sisimund, they have gone to war to eliminate injustice in the world. With their bizarre 'dragon vehicles' they take over the city for a day. Woe to the unrighteous, the charlatans, the freeloaders and other scum. They will be fed to the iron dragon and forever disappear into his hollow stomach.

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Rumbling sounds from the belly of a mechanical beast.
Sighing and grinding, the colossus starts moving. 
The sound of the steaming machine slowly turns into a hypnotic cadence.

The driver, high on his steamroadster, has no eye for the things around him.
His thoughts are endless, his gaze pierces into the distance, his destination an uncertain adventure as the world rolls beneath him. 
An era from long ago passes by and disappears behind him in black smoking clouds...

collage steamroadsters 350 x 125

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Abacus straattheater timecruisers

Surrealistisch mobiel straatheater

Timecruiser solo


The Timecruisers are immense fantasy vehicles and stilt-walking creations that defy time. They seem to have escaped from the Jules Verne stories. Technology from the present, past and future comes together in these giants. Large wheels, wings and jet engines symbolize the speed that, according to Einstein's theories, would be necessary to conquer time,

The machines are partly made from recycled materials. If you look closely, you will see various parts that have been saved from the junkyard and are heading for a second life. For those still in doubt: these machines really drive and are driven by time travelers who have a fantastic overview at a height of three meters. 

"The Timecruisers travel with dizzying spreed through centuries of human civilization and put our hectic existence into perspective to a flashy video clip that rushes past in the evolution of the earth"  

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Wastelanders parade


These pirates of the future live off the waste of the 'current civilisation'. With their artistic vehicles, constructed from junkyard metals, they 'sail' through the streets looking for something of value. Their understanding of value is broad, so keep your children off the streets and lock your doors. The Wasteland Parade is coming! 

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Ami6 is part of a series of interactive oldtimers suitable for art related festivals and events. 
Citroën with a healty dose of positivism dances, flirts and flies over the street. 
A street phenomenon with an obstinate personality that plays with the audience, surprises and creates wonder. 

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Bartenders d'HellLuxe

A mobile, hilarious and interactive act where the audience is offered a mixture of funny-misleading drinks and juices, surprising interaction, infectious roaring laughter by and for the audience!
Pure interaction, flavoured by young and old, marinated in a medley of coloured songs, cast in an appropriate "metal"dress!
This fun "blender" from Hell will infect everyone's heart and funny bone!

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De Bloemenmeisjes mobiel straattheater

Flower Girls

These two cheerful ladies are very versatile. During the reception they immediately put your guests in a great mood. Characteristic are their frivolity, their cheerfulness and their playful moments. While dancing these energetic ladies will bring lots of colour and joy between the guests. An absolute mood maker!
Mobiel straattheater De Hartjesmachine


Welcome to 'the Machine', an industrial revolution at any event! Huffing, puffing and squeaking the Machine produces sweets, sand or snow. What do you want him to make?

Heart Machine

The Machine workers will happily come to conquer your heart with their Heart Machine. They lovingly mix the ingredients: sweet sugar, a generous scoop of love and a pinch of genuine attention. The Machine pufs, grinds, steams and cracks, you can hear the beating of its gears. A spin on the right wheel and some delicious sweet candy hearts appear. The Machine workers melt hearts... in the mouths of your guests! 
Mooie winteract: De Sneeuwmachine


Three scientists from the Naturvetenskapliga Uniforstitet Kristallavalla have developped a machine with which they can make snow (Snømasjinen / Snowflake Maker) 
Grad Celsus, Frost Farnhit and Minus Kelvini stop regularly, gather an audience around so they are able to attend the experiments (who knows, maybe someone can assist). The measurements are taken, they talk in jabbertalk Kristallavallansk, they adjust all the buttons and hands, and a short snowfall coveres the audience. 

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Sand Machine

A process that the Machineurs have been working on for years in the greatest secrecy. Making... shell sand.
They now manage the process so well that they can also make coloured sand. With this, an image or company logo can be scattered as desired; a fascinating process that your guests like to watch. 

Compagnie Albédo

Les Tony's

You do not see the danger, they invent it. Two bodyguards, Tony and Tony, are on a mission to secure the city and its inhabitants. They have dirty heads, the air is a little raw and stupid, but above all they are well-intentioned: they are there for you, to protect others and yourself...
In any area where there are people, there is danger, and Tony's are familiar with their work: you want to go incognito, they escort you, you want to take some air on the balcony, they want to prevent you from jumping, if you want to go there, they take you somewhere else. 
Safety First!

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Odil straattheater mobiele walkact

Les Contes d’ Asphaldt


A farylike female wanders around with a unique and willful skeleton, looking for a final resting place somewhere between heaven and earth.
Ropes, pulleys and counterweights turn this subdued spectacle into a visually appealing and intriguing party, while a soft soundscape blows through the bones to support the atmosphere. 
The accessible non-verbal interaction between the puppet and the manipulator moves the audience. 
Custom lighting also makes it possible to take a trip in the evening and it certainly contributes to the intimate nature of the act. 

odil 1

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Duo Abbraccio


These two playful characters go in search of what excites them: humans!
With inciting sounds and movements they make contact with every creature they come across and colour the streets into their own paradise!

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Hernest & Zamiel

Two bizarre, inrtiguing penguins full of surprises. Absurd facial expressions and childish playfulness brings amazement, unexpected movements, sounds and confrontations will tickle your funny bone... In short: Hernest & Zamiel bring the sun... eh, ... the South Pole into the house! 

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Hug You!

Are they here?
They are!
Out of the blue... Besides you, in front of your car, on your lap... or they take you with them to wherever they go! Hug You! are two bizarre and absurd characters that just love to interact with the passer-by. Themes for their performance are love, warm-heartedness, kidnappings, chaos,... or death scenes, maybe taking place right in front of you. The one moment they're there and the next they have simply vanished! This act is entirely made of improvisations with and around the passers-by. Daring, but with subtle humour! From international street theatre festivals to receptions in your neighbourhood. 

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El Capstok

The Flying Dutchman

Magic can be found everywhere, anywhere in the world.
Runeworld has sailed every ocean on the world with his Flying Dutchman. He has recorded the most wonderful stories of his travels, to share with his audience. Even though he has to sail on for eternity, he prospers. 
In this moving act, Runeworld has contacts with the spirits on the Flying Dutchman ship, including with his ancestor Willem van der Decken. Sometimes Runeworld even changes into his ancestor, who takes over the wheel. An act that is full of proverbs about shipping.

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Jozius van Driel...

Salesmanager at Vacuclean International B.V. ...
He might be able to convince you to buy the state of the art vacuuming products. 
But wait, there is more ........ ??????

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The Creature of Saefthinge

Long ago, in the flooded parts of Holland...
Reed cutter Roderick van Kuijtaert was shocked when, during his work, he discovered a creature living in the reed.
It swims like a fish, but flies like an insect!
He told his friends about this creature, but they declared him mad.
Roderick decided to capture the creature and show it to the world.
After six long weeks, he finally succeeded and now he is travelling all over the world to show the audience the monster.
And... It can do tricks!!!

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Two blue chest birds. Nothing special, though you don't see them very often.
THey whistle, they chase and they flutter. 
Father and son? Mother and daughter? No idea, the only thing we know for sure: they are very nosy! 

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De Vogelvrijen Mobiel straattheater


The Outlaws... The Wild West is coming for you!
Two tough cowboys of a certain age, the good guy and the ugly one (is everything exactly as it seems?) bring you a combination of slapstick-like street theatre, without spoken words.
Although they are attached to their traditions, they too must adapt to modern times. This leads to hilarious situations. 
A combination of the silent movie and scenes from major Western films.
A cinematic epos, without a clear story or message: or, maybe, there is a message: 'laugh or I'll shoot!'.
You yourself are present on the film set! 

De Feeënfiets / Fairy Carriage

Who wants to ride around in our fairytale-like Fairy Carriage?

Free Fantasy

In Jeroen Engeln's play interaction, empathy and improvisation are key elements. He can choose from a repertoire of more than 25 different types, so that you never know in advance who will be coming in. And neither does he...


Is a dirty ass. He never goes anywhere without his fag. He puts his heart and soul into the food he makes... His speciality: frozen pizza! 

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A bluffer from Amsterdam with a big mouth. Usually earns his money during the night. Whether you want to or you don't: you must love him. 

Captain Bellow

A Captain without a ship.
His slogan: 'A day without bellowing is a day not lived'. 


A hunter type. If you don't shoot you'll always miss, is for him: if you shoot, you'll miss. Has an anomaly. To multiple sides. 

Doctor Quak

Continues where other doctors give up. A real doctor without borders.

And everything is without anesthesia! 

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'The klutz of the hospitality industry'. He has to learn a lot, especially from his many mistakes. 
Strong suit: unknown. 

Security guard on Moped

Rejected for police, fire brigade and rescue brigade. Due to acute staff shortages approved for security. 

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The Major

Unstoppable reception-rascal. Invariably accompanied by his inseperable friends Cognac and Cigar. Can give a speach about any topic whatsoever, as long as it does not have to be serious.  


Madame Josephine

Madame Josephine knows what to do.
She is the paragon of decorum and will not hesitate to lecture your guests about the rules of good taste. Without hurting people, of course. 
According to the dictionary, etiquette is "conventional requirements as to social behaviour; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion". Madame Josephine excels in it. She will share her knowledge with generosity. How do I dress for a business dinner? How do I behave during a first date? When do I raise the flag?

Jarno di Parno

The Pencil Flashers

Yes, they still exist. Old men who can turn the situation upside down when they suddenly show their pencils. 
However, these brothers are unaware of any wrongdoing. Of course, they are dirty, old and frustrated, but that does not mean they are up to something. On the contrary, these shy men are social, humorous, and goodness itself. Their profession, as sellers of beautiful pencils, is no longer of this time of course. After five generations the Internet has put an end to the wonderful family business. The once industrious sellers are now done working. They still live together in their family home. They are still single and they live for the booze, the cigars and beautiful women. Their retirement fund is small so the brothers have decided to sell their pencils on the streets every once in a while. With their suitcases full of pencils they timidly walk through the streets and the parks. Sales are generally poor. Yet in the evening there is that feeling of satisfaction, because they were again able to show their pencils to many interested (?) parties. 
Their surprising sales technique often causes a lot of commotion. The comical interaction with the audience goes around like wildfire. It will also be discussed for an extended period of time.  

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Mobiel straattheater Het Kleinste Draaiorgeltje ter wereld

Jonas and Friends

The World's smallest Organ!

The minuscule organ is less than two centimeters in size and it really works! The well-known organ monkey however, has completely the opposite proportions. And although monkey Benjamin has completely mastered the tricks with the money box, he often prefers to focus on other things. As soon as he is distracted by the audience, he gratefully makes use of the attention with his buffoonery. The strikingly looking organ lady moves her cart with Benjamin and the tiny organ through the mall or over the Christmas market and tries to keep him under control... 

Bekijk video    Het kleinste draaiorgeltje ter wereld

Wood & Wood

Wood & Wood are completely made out of wood (with FSC label!). Fuelled by wind and solar energy and equipped with their eco-mobile, these two masked characters wander through their wooden world clutching a grass suitcase filled with all their other bio-powered accessories. Listen carefully! When they walk by, you can hear their joints creaking. 
During their travels they get up to all sorts of things: they greet a tree every now and then, tank up the sawdust in their heads and carve a heart into their wooden clothes. 
Wood & Wood is a non-verbal, mobile mime act at it's best: fascinating, poetic and entertaining all at the same time. 
Wood & Wood: wood that works to make your heart smile. 

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The Mechanical Horse

A mechanically driven horse and actor: together they form the eye-catcher 'The Mechanical Horse'.
Inspired by the books of Jules Verne the mobile horse is equipped with nostalgic styled technology. The pulleys, wheels and gears make sure that everything is moving and operates. Even the head of the horse is moving up and down! 
Whinny, huhhuhh... smoke comes from the nostrils. All sorts of hidden technological gadgets give The Mechanical Horse its own character and most distinctive traits. While it snorts and neighs he lets something drop at the most inappropiate moments... flatzzzz.....
On The Mechanical Horse there rides a member of the mounted police. He carries out his instructions conscientiously, so watch out that you don't get a fine! He will regulate the traffic in his own way, can do an alcohol- or safety control, is searching for suspects or will perform other police duties. And that promotion.... One day he will get it!!

Bekijk video    Mobiele Straatact Het Stalen Ros

Timemachine Travelers

Is it possible to time travel? Are Einstein's theories right?
Wouldn't it be amazing if you can use a time machine and be transported to the past or the future?
'The Timemachine Travelers' show that the impossible can become possible!
This couple, coming from the silent movie period of the roaring twenties, has already had many far time travels with their self-built time machine. 
When they arrive in a period of time, they always are surprised with what they find there. 
They have documented their travels on film and photo. 
You don't believe it?
Look through their Timeviewers and witness the impossible!

Watch out because the Timemachine Travelers can be gone in a split second!
Timemachine Travelers 350 x 248

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Jonas en Friends straat animatie Harley Jr

Harley Jr.

People are pointing, they nudge each other: the couple is nearby. These characters, who are most reminiscent of cartoon caracters because of their masks, already have quite a reputation that proceeds them. They are on their way on a bike that is way too small in comparision to them. It does not reach any higher than their knees! They encouter all sorts of crises, always depending on what comes their way and what the audience challenges them to do. Occasionally they step off and play a short theatre scene. They are disarming, quirky and comical at the same time. A striking duo that will never pass unnoticed. 

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Kleinste mobiele cocktailbar ter wereld ron juluai

The Smallest Mobile Coctail Bar

The Smallest Mobile Coctail Bar in the World

An interactive, fiery and hilarious search for people with an 'alcohol deficiency', by two bartenders, who take their mission very seriously!
Once the detector has discovered a victim, a tailor-made cocktail will be prepared and presented in a playful and interactive way that will put a smile... in your gin glass!
A cocktail-consutation in which the funny bone will be tickled! 
Always different, never identical, free juices...
And above all... with a healing effect!
A mobile walking act that can be performed both during the day and in the evening!

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The Cuckoo Man

The Cuckoo Man is fond of cuckoo clocks. Always on the move on his scooter to sell, maintain or repair cuckoo clocks. 
Not to make a big deal out of it, but life is often not easy for this sympathetic craftsman. To the great amusement of the audience, there seems to be something wrong with all his clocks. But he is not nuts.
He knows like no other that with time comes clarity. And maybe you are one of those spectators that will lend him a helping hand if he asks.

Koekoeksman 2 350 x 237

Leipe Leo Entertainment

Leipe Leo

This "Businessman from The Hague from the Bordeaux red branch" (also for gold) mingles with your guests in an original way.

He confronts, complains and makes telephone calls. This leads to great hilarity of your guests. 
Also suitable for street theatre. 

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Bartholomeus, The Medieval Village Idiot

He talks, he sings and he makes music. All this in a pure and simple way. Is he a philosopher or a troubadour? At least he knows what life is all about.
The Medieval Village Idiot does not only play the flute, harmonica, spoons and kazoo but has recently came in posession of a fairly new Swiss instrument, the 'Hang'. You really have to hear the sound of this instrument... just magical!! 

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Leonardus the Jester

Leonardus the Jester takes life like it is and he is able to live in the HERE and NOW like no other. Often people confuse the Jester with a Lunatic or a fool but in reality he has been the king's confidant for ages. 
He assists the King in word and deed and, if necessary, he knows how to cheer him up. 
He uses various small instruments such as a flute, harmonica, kazoo, the spoons, mouth harp and the hang. 
Pay attention and see how he can REALLY talk to birds with a small whistle. 
mobiele straattheater act typetje

Don Luigi Dominante

A family member of Alfonso Caponi, better known as Al Capone (Chicago 1920).

Don does not deny his Italian background! Don represents the interests of the Sicilian family in the part of Europe that came into his posession thanks to "land grabbing": the north of Belgium and the south of the Netherlands. 
However, allegedly due to his dyslexia, you can also encounter him in the north of the Netherlands and the south of Belgium. You can recognize him by his ever-brown pinstripe suit and his old worn violin case under his arm.

Don Luigi speaks Dutch with a clear Italian accent.

Please... don't mess with his family!!!

Nico Nul, the clumsy nerd

Nico Nul is an fifty year old introvert who still lives with his mother. He has never had a girlfriend but he is desperately looking for one. When he gets attention from a lady, Nico really does not know what to do with it...

Sjef van Puffelen, Police Officer

After a disagreement with the regular Police Force, Sjef became a fully-fledged Independent Police Officer. That was back when the citizens wanted more blue on the streets and the Police Force decided to change their shirts from blue to white. No more!

Sjef can be used in many ways. To guide the parking of your guests in the right direction, to arrange the traffic, as a reception act, as a streeet theatre act or as an closing act for your party.

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Les Goulus Les Horsemen

Les Goulus

Bekijk video   

Les Horsemen

A walking act through the streets that mixes performance, comic and visual effects. Three very smart French riders are preparing for the Olympics. They make a demonstration out of every training. In addition, they retain their French attitude, of course, to a ridiculous extent.

La Troupe du Rouge – Blanc

Come and see! Here comes the colourful parade, from days gone by! If you see the Troupe du Rouge-Blanc walking past you, you'll get sucked back into time! The circus comes to town! You can easily imagine the elephants and clown wagons. The cheerleaders march cheerfully, the clown smiles and jumps, the large tricycle is proudly cycled past by a juggler on a unicycle, the flag-wielders wave their flags, and two girls cycle on incredibly small bikes! 
A Spanish lady happily jumps around under her umbrella. The stilt walkers, Monsieur et Madame Rouge-Blanc, close the group.
Their romance is reflected in the nostalgic wink they give you when they look back at you. Join us! Don't stand still! Come and join the party!
The Troupe du Rouge-Blanc can walk parades, create atmosphere, give a warm welcome along the red carpet, split into small groups and hold cycle races, fold balloons, give mini circus workshops, do hoop courses, paint red noses, dance behind the tricycle, etcetera. 

Literary Snack Bar

A welcome appearance at literary parties, book fairs, festivals...
Fancy a literary snack?
The literary snack bar is a machine from which you can get funny poems about snacks and snacking. 

The snack bar keeper offers people a literary snack on the go. For example, you can choose a frikandel song, a romantic croquette or a portion of war fries. A custom made poem can also be written at your request. 
But it can also be wrapped and consumed on the go. 

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A reception act par excellence.
Characteristic for Los Piccolo's is their supreme frivolity and their generosity. 
they are happy to make every efford to ensure that everything will run smoothly. 
With great pleasure they form the common thread at your festive affair. They see what you cannot see and they will put the finishing touches on it with discretion and great pleasure.


Octaaph, a larger than life-size bird skeleton is given a glance at the world by a couple. 
When it turns out to be not only a relaxing stroll, but that Octaaph is actually expected to fly and perform, he gets petrified.
During a short fixed performance, he discovers together with the audience his long-forgotten possibilities to get higher up.

Octaaph is a walking perfomance of 30 to 45 minutes with a short fixed performance (approx. 10 minutes) that can be played several times at different locations. 
A beautifully designed trolley with a unique puppet crafted from linden wood, is manipulated by two puppeteers in a completely unique way. 

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Quatre Robotica

These robot like figures move forward in robotic moving patterns...
They move at the rhythm of the music...
The walk act is accompanied by music...
Suddenly they stand still and start to communicate with the public...
They provide hilarious moments and interaction with the spectators...

Can be booked from 2 up to 4 persons. 

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Cruising around like a hero in a dodgem while impressing the ladies. Wasn't that every young boys dream? 
It wasn't our dream at all, until we realised what we missed. Now is the time to compensate!!
With our flashy kingsize dodgem and thumping disco beats we cruise around the neighbourhood. 
And if the ladies like our flowers, you can't imagine how happy we are! 

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An Autobianchi transformed into a driving aquarium filled with goldfish and a man who cannot be trusted...
Scubabianchi plays with the audience, surprises and creates wonder. 

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Narcissus Parade

A large hommage to the abundance of Summer! Narcissus is as proud as a peacock and stands on his golden float. Lovely music and gorgeous dancing flower geishas are part of his entourage. Giant marigolds and daffodils walk along on stilts. Bees fly over and behind their large beehive, which is cycled by a huge worker bee. A small bee hops and dances in between the flowers and plays with the butterflies. The beauty is celebrated, flowers grow, the bees get saved, honey shines like gold, we imagine ourselves in the Little Insects Book by Erik... 
Spacecruisers mobiele straattheater act


As toys they no longer meet the requirements of our time, but once a generation grew up with these 'tin toys'. 
Or at least dreamed of it. 
The cans of space rockets and astronauts are painted in bright colours. 
Wonderfully moving technical ingenuity with winding key or even 'battery operated'.
They've been scrapped for years and ended up in a corner of the attic. 
Or with great luck in the display case of a dedicated collector or museum.
Where young and old let their fantasies go once again and dream of a colourful world that once was. 
The world of space cruisers. 

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Tesch und Sissel mobiel straattheater


Two people usually form a duo... and when it comes to comedy, the roles are quickly divided: one is stupid and the other one is smart. 
This duo is different - not just in this point. There is not only a stupid and a smart person, but both characters sometimes play both roles at the same time. 

Joe Hofbauer und Jo Lijst have been working together for many years, so they can really count on each other. 

Tesch und Sissel

When you hear the words table and chair, immediately you visualize forms and specific functions. 
Tesch & Sissel go beyond the scopes of these definitions, because of their mobility, their style of movements, their almost human appearance and because of their ability to interact with the audience. 

Bekijk video    Tesch und Sissel mobiel straattheater

Jacke wie Hose

A 1.90m long pair of pants
and an equally large jacket...
Interactive. A tailor-made suit from a giant who went its own way and now explores our 'dwarf world'.  


High Tea

When Vitrine comes along with High Tea, your tea will be served from great heights, so that the precious fluid will reach your cup exactly at room themperature. You will then be treated to accompanying poetry.
Countess van Highervillage, who personally comes to serve you this exquisite drink, will read from her beloved collection of poems. 
Every exquisite poetry lives its own life and the poetry rules often play fast and loose with the countess and her butler, depending on the type of tea you choose. 
The whole experience gets sealed with a delicious pretzel which will make the mind crack.

Duty Free

Anyone who has ever flown will recognize it immediately. The Duty Free sale on board. 
Ernst and Evelien bring their tax-free products to men and women with a grand gesture. But actually it is not about the sale...
"Praising the well-meant mess" on the blue trolley is just an excuse to entertain the guests with the family game "The Fishing Competition" with fantastic prices! 


The clocks are primarily a beautiful picture of the time. The time that influences our lives, initiates new phases or, on the contrary, closes something. The clocks can suddenly appear somewhere in a prominent place and remain standing there. This way people will feel looked at by time. Then the clocks will tell with text signs that it is time to go into a room, time to think about the future, time to raise your glass, time for the next performance or time to go home...

The Living Table

The name says it all, this table is alive.
This table is used for a buffet (hot, cold or dessert). The plates are on the Living Table and her supervisor stands behind it. 
Just when an unsuspecting guest wants to grab a plate, gloved hands rise from the table to hand the guest their plate. You can probably guess their reaction. The Living Table cuddles, tickles and makes it difficult for her supervisor. 
For festivals it can be used for example as catering with plates, or they can play a short show.