4 Sides of a Triangle

In 4 Sides of a Triangle bamboo sticks turn out to be versatile objects. They are juggled, balanced or thrown.
In a play between humans and objects an aerial rig is constructed and together they form a human-supported tripod in which an aerialist puts her fate.
This act is a mix of dance, circus and community art en is accessible for all audience.

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Flying Street Art

Since 2000 Sylvia Idelberger has been playing her performances as an aerial acrobat in many countries. She discovered her love for acrobatics when she was just twelve years old while doing art gymnastics. By training with multiple private trainers at various circus schools, she has been able to expand her repertoire with a versatile program in the air. 


Hoopla is a traveling circus in the true sense of the word.
As a small ensemble, this acrobatic act travels through the countries of Europe.
The artists do the audience a great favor by bringing the magic of the circus closer.
High above your heads the artists show their skills and let you enjoy this walking circus act.
Unique in Europe!
The act is equipped with a built-in sound system.

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Using only a climbing harness attached to a rope, a dancer in Skylines defies gravity. The world is literally turned on its side in a performance that is imbued with grace, acrobatics and the appearance of weightlessness. But beneath that appearance lies an enormous force between the aerial acrobat and gravity.


A sky dance on, under and in an illuminated metal sphere, rounded off with a dynamic performance in the tissues. An air spectacle high above the heads of the audience.

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The Flying Suitcase

It is a nice summer day. An elegant woman in red and an old-fashioned suitcase, also in red, meet for the first time. And as incredible as it may sound, there evolves between them a game, inspired by dance and acrobatics. 
The Flying Suitcase is rich in visual and artistical impressions. A short but thrilling story about love, power and friendship.
De Vliegende Koffer 1 350 x 280

Tendance Holiday

Two girlfriends go on a holiday together. A hotel with the best references has been booked. A mountain hotel. Without a lift, but very worthwile. After arrival they quickly unpack the suitcases and then their holiday can really start. That's their plan! Unfortunately things go differently than they planned...
tendence Holiday compilatie

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The Sassy Jassy Sisters

High in golden silks - dancing on the swing music of the twenties!
We have been researching the role of women in the history of the circus for years. This time we were attracted by air ballet in the tissue.
The first companies of aerial acrobats consisted of groups of sometimes 100 dancers hanging side by side on ropes and dancing graceful choreographies. 
We resume these forgotten traditions, thus creating synchronised aerial art on silks. We created a contemporary retro and nostalgic style! 
Aerial acrobatics duet by Jana Korb and Sylvia Idelberger  

Sol’air  The Sassy Jassy Sisters Luchtacrobatiek voorstelling

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Elegant poetry in tissue-trapeze:

In "Magnolia" a fairy awakens in a floating crystal palace.
Let Sylvia Idelberger fascinate you with her romantic and poetic play high in the sky. 
A show with international prices and recognition. 
This tissue-trapeze show is a FLYING STREET ART concept and is one of a kind. 
Minimum required playing height: 5 meters.

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New View

Instead of working construction workers, the audience sees 4 hammocks hanging between the frames. Four women are sleeping in them. One of them wakes up and the performance begins. Who will be first up in the tower? Who is fastest down? Do the artists take the right route up the scaffolding? Or has the route become a daily routine and do they want to break it?
In the style of Cirque Niveau mixed with the humour of Boom-Chicago, the acrobats give the rolling scaffold a new look in scenes. Sometimes it appears to be an apartment building, sometimes a park bench, and sometimes the stage of a large circus.
The audience empathises with the performers and their great adventures with small, intimate moments.

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"Windrose" is a surprising show from FLYING STREET ART.
This act has been specially created for outdoor events and has a playing height of 12 meters. 
In the wind the canvases start to take on a life of their own and become part of a beautiful play. 
The artist(s) dance together with the wind and canvases in a breathtaking visual air show. 
As a safety precaution bungees are used but they are used so well the performace gets an extra dimention. 
This act can be performed as a solo, duo or trio.

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It can't be any other way: cooking outside leads to thin air. In this crazy show, three headstrong chefs set the table themselves and present their new recipe. Gradually their imagination runs away with them. From Zorro to the Statue of Liberty, terrorists and Mary, Ghostbusters and Chinese Lions, to knife throwing and Superman. 
Everything passes by in rapid speed when they set the table. 
With flashy chases, spectacular stunts, dynamic acrobatics and comical slapstick, they keep the audience captivated. 
A three-dimensional haute-cuisine spectacle with comfortable stunt work and a pinch of salt. 

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Bencha Theatre

Theatre At High Level

Bencha Theatre strands for an innovative fuse of various art forms. Visual poetic fantasies where in a theatrical way acrobatic balancing and aerial work are mixed with (live) music and dance. Covered in mysterious atmospheres, Bencha Theatre creates spectaculair acts such as Tissu (Aerial Silks), Theatrical Acrobatic Dance Spectacle, Flying Metal Objects, Trapeze Act and Live Music (cello, violin, teremin, singing saw and singing). 

Bencha Theatre also gives workshops in acrobatics and dance. Companies can experience firsthand what cooperation and mutual trust means.

bencha 2

Circus Klomp

Comical Acrobats from Dutch Soil

Meet the farming couple Driekus and Bertha! Dressed in traditional costumes, they present a circus act or fun animations that cleary come from the Dutch countryside. Hereby they try to outwit each other through all kinds of acrobatic tours. Jumping, running, colliding and all sorts of acrobatics will be flying around. 

In De Klompendans, the public is involved in all kinds of cheerful rituals of the circus farm: a chair dance on top of table pig Dirk, a wild rodeo with iron horse Rinus or a klompendans (clogging) with crazy cow Martha. And of course there is always time for a sweet kitchen romance or perhaps even a sexy trapeze act in the henhouse. 

In the same Dutch setting, Circus Klomp provides round-the-clock animations and circus workshops. These workshops are combined with folkloric games of skill.

circusklomp 2

Compagnie with Balls


Atharina is a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 1.70 meter tall ball. 
This walk act in combination with acro-rolling and acrobatic dancing can be accompagnied with music. 

The World Wanderer

With the world at her feet, the World Wanderer is a walking adventure.
On top of her almost two meter high globe she is an eyecatcher at any event, an evocative image that tickles the fantasy.
Close to the globe, an exchange arises between the World Wanderer and the audience. Childeren and grown-ups are happily busy searching for places on the globe where they have been or where they want to go. Around the world in 80 days? The World Wanderer brings her audience around the world in 30 minutes!

Join the Parade – Ferdinand

Movement theatre. Dynamic, Magnificent and Poetic

Join the Parade is a swinging parade.
An eye-catcher not to be missed, with two 4 meter high figures.
A gigantic puppet man, dancing together with Atharina.
This charming lady moves gracefully on a high ball of almost 2 meters!
The audience? It's just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they follow wherever Ferdinand and Atharina go.
This towering mix of puppetry and acrobatic dance, brings its own mobile sound set.
However, Join the Parade can be played with any other (live) source of music.
An intermezzo with a live band moves the audience intto high quality dance movements.
Swinging guaranteed!

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Compagnie with Balls Join the Parade straattheater walkact

Join the Parade

Movement-theater. Dynamic ‘poetry’ on a grand scale
Join The Parade is a swinging parade. An unmissable eye-catcher with two four-meter high figures. Pablo, a giant marionet dances and plays with Atharina, a charming lady gracefully moving on top of a giant 2 meter tall ball! And the audience? Just like with the Pied Piper of Hamelin, they cannot help but be seduced into joining the parade. 
This towering mix of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound set. However, Join The Parade can handle any other (live) music source. An interlude with a live band stimulates the audience into high-quality dance movements. Guaranteed swinging! 
Join the Parade is designed for streetfestivals or any other open air event.

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The Great Parade

The Great Parade is a swinging procession.
A not to be missed eyecatcher with two giant puppets: Pablo and Ferdinand and two dancers on top of two two meter tall balls. 
This towering mixtude of puppetry and acrobatic dance brings its own mobile sound system. 
Guaranteed swinging!

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Cycling Circus

Cycling Circus is formed by Ina Queiss and Marco van Zanten. Ina is a professional circus cyclist from Germany and has studied at the circus school Codarts in Rotterdam. Marco is a partner acrobat and studied at the circus school in Brussels. In their new project Cycling Circus Marco and Ina bring acrobatics and cycling together in a narrative way while balancing on all kinds of rolling wheels. 

Love has wheels

Two daredevils challenge each other in an acrobatic story of love and life. A romantic date on a BMX-bicycle leads to family-life on unicycles. The more the bikes and bodies become tangled, the more exciting the question: Will their love keep rolling - or will they be caught under their own wheels?
cycling circus love on weels 349 x 247

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Two artists walk around with a menu. On this menu there are no refreshments but titles of acts. They ask you to chose a title, they put on the music and perform a two minute act specially for you. There are several menus available with different themes.
Most important is the attention of the artists for a small audience, these private performances are very suitable to perform on and around terraces or just on the streets on a square.
Contra Fabuloka


Alienated circus theatre
Play between human and shadow

Contra is an alienated circus theatre performance about the shadow.
Everyone has a shadow, different sides of yourself that you don't often show.
By using black morph suits, the artists make the shadow tangible. 
They engage in duel or combat.
Techniques that are used are: acrobatics, mime, theatre and masks.
Because of the different layers of the show, Contra is suitable for everyone from four years and older, especially adults.

Contra 1 Fabuloka 350 233

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De Zwerver

The Tramp

A tramp walks on the street, he is singing and pushing a shopping cart full of junk. 
He takes some stuff out of his cart and suddenly he discoveres a doll among the trash. 
He begins to play with the doll, she can do everything he wants. Untill she suddenly comes to life and gets a will of her own...
The Tramp is a physical performance in which acrobatics is central, combined with theatre. 
Through body language it soon becomes very clear who has the strongest personality. 
Live music and singing are an indispensible part of this show.

De Zwerver 350 x 250

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Jorga is an acrobat and loves to write. Ed is a musician and creates everything from metals. By combining their strenghts, the show STEEL arises, a poetical show about two different characters who have a dream. 
The story is told by words, partner acrobatics, juggling, mime, strange explorations, aerial acrobatics and live music. Everything happens in and around a five meter high steel construction.

buiten7 348 x 190

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Geschwister Weisheit Hoge Draadshow

Geschwister Weisheit

The Weisheit family has been displaying their dizzying arts high in the sky for over 110 years. Their history has many highs and lows. Their seven-person pyramid is unique in the world. 
High above the heads of the audience they walk, climb and drive on thin wires. With one artist or up to thirteen tightrope walkers at the same time, Geschwister Weisheit exhibit their art at heights up to 62 meters!  

The High Wire Show

The High Wire Show
- A high wire show at 12 meters high
- Thirteen artists from three generations with the highlights from the traditional wire acrobatics
- Cycling with bicycles and unicycles
- Stilt walking
- Triple bicycle pyramid
- Unique in the world: the legendary seven-person pyramid in open air
- Spectacular ascension of the oblique wire, with or without balancing rod

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Motorshow op de hoge draad

The Motor Show on the High Wire

- Sensational show with motorcycles at 30 and 40 meters high
- Catch-up race on three side-by-side steel cables
- Ten artists with three motorcycles, up to 70 kilometers per hour
- Hanging by the teeth below and bold balances on the motorcycles
- Large motorcycle pyramid with four artists on and under a motorcycle 
- In handstand on the handlebars of the engine at 50 kilometers per hour up to a height of 30 meters

Geschwister Weisheit Formule E  350 x 291

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Formule E racewagen Geschwister Weisheit

Historical High Wire Show

- Historical high wire spectacle on a freestanding rope device at a height of four meters
- 15 artists (three generations) present fantastic acrobatics
- On the wire with velicopet, wheelbarrow and clogs
- With chair and oven they will bake traditional pancakes at great heights

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Giant Sway Pole Show

- The world's highest mobile acrobatic pole at present (62 meters/200 feet)
- Handstand during the full swing of the mast (up to five meters)
- Trumpet solo freestanding on the tip of the mast
- Living flag, hanging from the top of the mast with only one foot
- Unique in the world: one-armed handstand on the swinging mast
- Free hanging on the teeth from a height of 30 meters with a contempt of death deep down below. 

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