Music & Music Theatre

Coco XL

Coco XL: a striking musical walking act!
Visually pleasing and because of the musical accompainment it has a high entertainment level!
Coco XL consists of a huge rooster that seems to move itself thanks to a ingenious mechanism.
The giant head moves back and forth while walking and its beak can open and close. 
A cheerful gentleman enthousiastically plays an accordeon on the rooster's back.
Together they are looking for the "Golden Egg".
Women and children have nothing to fear from the duo. They even dance a little if you give them a kiss on the beak. 
But they want nothing to do with men, who always act like peacocks. 

In short, a party to look and listen to!

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De Roode Lantaern

The old-fashioned minstrel is back.
He scours the streets and brings music and fun for young and old.
A nostalgic appearance with a surprisingly modern sound!
His wonder accordion sounds full and big like a one-man orchestra.
Complete with bass and drums. 
And in the big drum there is a powerful speaker through which everything can be heard from afar. 
Yet he plays and sings life so that the repertoire can constantly adapt. From old folk songs to modern sing-alongs. This enhances the interaction with the audience.

"De Roode Lantaern" (The Red Lantern) combines the best of both worlds: the craftsmanship of an old-fashioned troubadour with the modern technology of today.
In short, a fully mobile music act with a large reach!  

Het Vermaak

Mista Beatz

This tough appearance is cruising through the streets in its pimped Mercedes. He makes many hearts beat faster. And that works out well... because after every ballad, the tempo is considerably increased again. With Dance hits like: Disco Infero and This Is What It Feels Like, you can't sit still!! With evergreens such as Your Song and Pianoman, Mista Beatz proves he has a golden throat!!! A stirring musical, theatrical mobile act with built-in sound system. 

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The Dis... from Disco and the Go as in..... mobile!!!

Instant disco, presentation and singing. 

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King of Disco

With much wistfulness and nostalgia, he just can't swallow that those days are long behind us. 
In his mega flexible DJ booth he roams the streets looking for an audience that wants to share his disco sounds with him one more time.
While singing and spinning he brings the greatest disco hits of the past and present. 
So put your hands together and start clapping for the one and only.....
Koelala: Hilarische muzikale rondrijdende act voorzien van geluidsinstallatie en life accordeon, zan


Cheerful, comical, hilarious. These are the characteristics of this bizarre and amazing musical walk act.
The Wild Rover, Country Roads, What a Wonderful World and many many other great sing-alongs. 
Delicious evergreens that everyone knows, performed in a typical theatrical fashion, very interactive with the public. 
The Cowboy is always up for a joke, a striking remark and of course an appropriate note.
Equipped with a built-in music system CowLaLa moves itself with musical rider on an electric-powered chassis. 



One takes a very large drum on wheels, cymbals, horns, bells, puppets and a nice accordionist, and see: the Harmonikar is born. Sing-alongs driving around your location!
Luc Vaesen marskramer - mobiel muzikale walk-act

Luc Vaesen

The Pedlar

Musical, theatrical walk act with built-in mobile sound system.

Already in 1225 they travelled throughout Europe, Peddlers, Street Vendors. 
They recommended their "goods" -not always of the highest standard- with strong stories and fanciful tales in villages, towns, farms and inns.
The Pedlar knows how to seduce his audience: With humour and hilarity, with music, singing, melancholy drama and theatre. 
Music and singing from all regions, of all times. 

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Stage Programs

With his Dutch and English repertoire with French infuences, Luc Vaesen has charmed his way into the hearts of many. Home and abroad, intimate theatre cafés to large-scale events, Eindhoven to Amsterdam, Paris to Barcelona. 
He knows how to captivate his audience with a mixture of catchy evergreens and his own songs, written directly from the heart. With a smile and every now and then a tear. 
Depending on the atmosphere of your event, Luc Vaesen will be responsible for a musical interlude or a interval. He will take your guests in a surprising way to the intimacy of a cozy theatre or to the exuberance of a large-scale public event. Close to the audience, he does not shy away from interaction. On the contrary! Interaction soon becomes part of the game: the magical game between the public and the artist. 

Luc Vaesen: chansonnier, lyricist, composer, accordionist and pianist. 

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The Charlatan

This wandering musician lives up to his name.
Of course, with pleasant well-known Dutch and English songs.
But he can also come up with a witticism, an observation, a remark or a joke. This bon vivant plays with the circumstances and with his audience. Always with appropriate interaction.
With the built-in sound system, he can walk an entire route whilst playing and singing.
But he can just as easily entertain a whole terrace or square from a fixed spot.
On the spot, he creates his own playground, his own atmosphere. With many smiling faces as a result. 



These Rats appear from the sewers like a plague to conquer the world. A hilarious musical animation. The Rats quickly feel at home somewhere, especially in the neighbourhood of humans. After their appearance, your opinion about vermin will change drastically. Watch your dog and children!

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Cock-Tales Theatraal muzikaal


A magnificently feathered and musical poultry plays animal/human scenes between and with the audience. 
Puffed up, vain quarrelsome cocks, nagging mother hens, rickety stewing chickens and a daffy sweet fledging:
This comical feathered gathering holds up a mirror to the audience in a good-natured, humorous way. 

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Baby Elephant

There does not seem to be much more left than an old circus director and a young elephant. One is old and experienced, the other is young and curious. They love each other enormously and like to argue with each other. When the vegetables appear in the elephant's luggage, this guarantees fireworks. Together they form an eccentric trio: The vegetables, the elephant and the old man...

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Ben Jur eenmansorkest

Ben Jur

Armed with his chariot, equipped with drums, the necessary bells and whistles, his guitar, harmonicas, his powerful voice and boundless energy street musician Ben Jur - One Man Orchestra has already made a name for himself at many a party, festival or fair. He has won many hearts with his self-written cabaret songs. 
Topics from everyday life that are brought with a wink by playing with the language, rhyme and ambiguities.  

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All That Jazz

Feet on the couch, carpet spread, with a sexy table lamp and a sultry voice: relax and... let's sing it, sister! All That Jazz is a mobile living room full of jazz and doo-wop. This singer sings, scats and swings full of soul. Cycling with her living room, she lets the Jazz standards sound through the streets and transforms your day, with a dooh-dah and a smile, into swing and sunshine. Dressed in beads, fringes and feathers, the singer will sing you into homely spheres with a Roaring Twenties touch. Let yourself be rocked with the woogie and treat yourself to fudge and big band boogie, this sassy jazzy girl gives you all that Jazz!

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Muzikale mobiele act voorzien van eigen geluidsinstallatie.

Ben the Banjoman...

sings and plays with pleasure!

As a singing and playing cowboy Ben the Banjoman travels throughout the country. Whether it is a shopping mall, street fair, street festival or any other occasion, Ben the Banjoman always knows how to give it a festive touch. On his horse (ho, ho, don't panic: it's not a real horse!), he roams the audience. As a cowboy, Ben the Banjoman naturally sings the true country classics, but he also knows how to play his audience with a genuine sing-along song. As long as it's fun! By using excellent accompaniment via the built-in sound system, Ben the Banjoman manages to create a perfect sound on his own. 
Ben the Banjoman, for all your festivities!

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Zowel mobiele straattheateract als podiumact

Blaas of Glory

Blaas of Glory is a hilarious mobile act like you've never seen before. These eight rockers-in-tights have not encountered musical or theatrical equals on their ten year long march along Europe's finest festivals of every size and sort, be it street theatre, pop, rock or metal.
Hardrock evergreens bloom once again when this colourful Napoleontic brass band comes marching in, dressed in sexy spandex straight from the eighties. Armed with sousaphone, piccolo, glockenspiel, banjo, accordion and multi-voiced background harmonies they transform every song into an unexpected experience. They will move you to smiles,tears, shreds or flabbergasts. 
KISS is klezmerized, Thin Lizzy rubled by rumba, Alice Cooper waltzes around, Queen turns into country and Van Halen into Dixieland, AC/DC never sounded so spiritual... 
Blaas of Glory guarantees a guerilla surprise. These Glamrock Legends pop out of nowhere to create extravaganze extraordinaire. The public is tempted to awkward proximity - the boundaries are fluid - and invited to close interaction. People find themselves suddenly sing-shouting along, dancing the polka and screaming saxophone solos to sick summits which dwarf the originals. 
Blaas of Glory is wild. It's natural habitat ranges from city streetlife to festival fields, to stages big and small. They will literally blow the roof off any venue. Brace yourselves. 

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Buurman Borrel

Sociability knows no limits! Just like in the old days, where everyone still had a nickname. 
When the neighbour came to sing his songs with his accordion for a drink.
Let's make it cozy together again...
Buurman Borrel (Neighbour Drinks) plays, among other things, old-timer songs, Dutch sing-along songs, sailor songs, gypsy songs and party songs!

The Other...

The Other Fanfare

Two musicians on the road! Cheerful world music, in and out of time, but always a happy, sensitive note for everyone at the right time. Enjoy the catchy sounds and be captivated by their numerous melodies. World music, marching music, klezmer and gypsy jazz, but also South American songs and many children's songs. Clarinet, soprano sax, tuba, guitar, kazoo, foot percussion and a lot of singing. All that is possible with just two musicians! Do you want to follow us?

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Fun Police

There is enough misery in the world already! Boss & Bink ensure humour and fun and take strict action against party poopers.
Equipped with a guitar, saxophone, nose flute, kazoo, foot percussion, and good vocals (polyphonic), they treat you to marching music, world music, TV tunes and a wide variety of children's songs. 
Boss & Bink regulate and disrupt - attentive, adequate and steady!

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Singing Icebreakers

The Singing Icebreakers guarantee a warm musical welcome as a stylish ice breaker at the door.
Two well-tempered theatrical musicians with the motto: A good start is half the work!
World music, klezmer, gypsy jazz, South American an many children's songs.
Warmly recommended! 

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Musical Sailors Cas & Co

Cees, Cas & Co are pretty much the best mates on the lower shore. They sing everywhere where the girls are and at least 30 other though sailor songs in the smaller cafes at the harbour. In addition, they have an inexhaustible repetoire of romantic melodies and adornments from all over the world. Leave your husband at home!

Duo or trio

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PARATATA is "at home in many markets!". It can be used acoustically and mobile and likes to serve the terraces a musical menu. PARATATA serves Dutch, Maritime, Mediterranean, American and Caribbean music specialties and, in addition to various musical drink specialities, also has a very wide range of children's menus. Instrumentals from various countries are alternated with theatrical songs (in more than 8 languages) and romantic intermezzos. All this with a sense of the right moment and brought with a healty dose of humour! 

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Singing Aviators

The Singing Aviators are odd ducks with an airy repertoire. They sing about flying, butterflies, birds, kites, soap bubbles, balloons, zeppelins, helicopters, flying machines, fighter jets, blue skies, suns, moons, sattelites, spaceships, stars, planets, Martians and angels. As long as it flies!
Musical highlights on mandolin, guitar, tuba, saxophone, foot percussion, kazoo and with singing. 
Acoustic, very mobile, well-tempered and quickly inclined!

Can be booked as a solo, duo or trio. 

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Singing Swan

From the water, the Singing Swan performs classical music on violin, guitar and nose flute.

A feast for the eyes and ears!

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Canny Rick

With his energetic music, the distant cousin of Copper Co and Nickel Nelis finds a quick connection and engagement, always and everywhere!
Repertoire: solid marching music, happy walking songs and swinging sings in multiple languages. 

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De Fietsende DJ

The Cycling DJ

He is coming and cannot be missed. Everyone turns around when the Cycling DJ cycles by. 
Colourful, cheerful and with infectiously good music. Old skool feel-good disco! A funky folding bicycle and a couple of cool speakers are his tools. While cycling he uses a MP3-player and is a flashy appearance. 
But when he stands still, the party can really start! Then he playes old-school vinyl singles on a real turntable. And everyone participates and can request a single from his single-request suitcase.

The audience is fully involved in this act: laughing, swinging and with love for the music. And that is contagious! Memories are shared upon seeing the familiair record covers. 
The Cycling DJ is completely unique and surprising. His music and appearance ensure a good mood. This mobile music act is very suitable for a broad audience and can be used at various locations. 

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De Pensionado’s

The Pensionados

The elderly couple Loes and Max look disarmingly nice and cheerful. They move from bench to bench whilst Max plays his accodion. And Loes cherishes her knitwear (if she doesn't have a crush on a passer-by).
They give everyone a smile and a good mood, both young and old. 
Especially when their radio goes crazy. Because it turns out that they can dance surprisingly vitally!
...Hey, whose false teeth are this?...

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The Pravda

With the Pravda, Olga and Salman bring the future to the people. 
With their specifically designed vehicle, with Anis, their tiny monkey at the weel, they mingle with the public, that - once they recover from their astonishment - gets the chance to drift into a world of dreams and good feelings.
This act comes with atmospheric Eastern music...

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Der Lustige Hänsel

Der Bringt Immer Stimmung!

Drawn straight from the Alpine meadows and with his musical heart in the right place, that is how you characterize Der Hänsel best. He enthousiastically plays the "Kufsteiner Lied", the "Kuckuckswalzer" or the "Amoß Polka". He sings the "Schneewalzer" and the catchy "Trink, Brüderlein, Trink".

But he is also a big fan of the more serious German songs. He sings the romantic "Eine kleine Reise im Frühling mit dir" passionately and evergreens such as "Lili Marleen", "Gute Nacht, Freunde" or "Sag mir wo die Blumen sind".  Even Drafi Deutschers "Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht" is in good hands with him! 

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The Floating Diva

The Floating Dive is a performance on the water. The opera singer is propelled by two graceful water butlers, whom bring her even closer to the audience and while she slowly and majestically drift past the audience. She sings to the audience with arias, but also rock operas.  

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Fanfare der Geweldigenoten

With these three very polite brass bands you will experience what you did not experience before.
Tunes get a fanfare jacket and fanfare songs become tunes.
Traditional fanfare marches are renamed into cheerful stepping songs. 
This musical improvisation theatre company guarantees a healty dose of laughter, howling and roaring with a musicality to enjoy. 

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Fanfare Sirs

Musical improvisation theatre with absurd humour full of surprises and with a lot of interaction with the audience.
With fanfare marches, the Fanfare Sirs can let the entire audience march from one place to another.
The brass band will mislead many people, amaze music lovers and will tickle your funny bone. 
't Brabants Fietsharmonisch Orkest

Dutch Bicycle Orchestra

Wherever this surprising and very humorous orchestra appears on their 4 meter long tandem, they steal the hearts of the audience. Mouths fall open in astonishment and there is laughter in the air. 

Catchy, cheerful music emanates from the six figures on the enormous bicycle. Suddenly the colossus stops, the musicians get off amid a lot of fuss and bother and they start on an unparalled tattoo, a hilarious ballet act or an absurd slapstick act with acrobatic feats. They don't hesitate to flummox the spectators and making fun of themselves is one of the ingredients. When the tandem finally leaves amid a whirl of commotion, the audience is in no doubt they have witnessed a unique spectacle. 

The Dutch Bicycle Orchestra "Fietsorkest" from Eindhoven, the Netherlands (founded in 2002) plays in the following line up: trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, accordion, bass tuba, bass drum, cymbals and bicycle bell. The repertoire includes circus and film muziek (Nino Rota, Laurel & Hardy), Klezmer, ragtime and jazz. 

The Bicycle Orchestra steals the show at street theatre festivals, parades, open air parties, at official openings of roads and cycle paths and in shopping centres all over the world.

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Chasse Patate

Dutch Bicycle Orchestra Chasse Patate

This hopeless group dangles between the leading group and the peloton in their cyclist outfit from the 1930s. 
The leading group is far out of reach and the peloton will catch up with them a couple of kilometers before the finish. Still, this pleasantly disturbed group on a tandem for six persons will do everything possible to make virtue of need. They play surprisingly beautiful music while cycling and do comedy acts alongside on, and hopefully not under the bike. 
Chasse Patate will not win the race, but they will make a highly entertaining attempt.

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The Funfare is a mini fanfare with lots of humour, theatre and swinging music. Three theatrical musicians skilfully march through the people. Colourfully dressed and always in a good mood. Swinging samba, soca and disco grooves are regularly interrrupted by silly walks, arcobatic tours, dances, etcetera. 

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Grote Griet

The Netherlands is still known for its "tulips" and "wooden shoes". Fortunately, because only Nike sneakers and hamburger restaurants all over the world is a bit montonous. France has the Eifel tower, Italy the leaning tower of Pisa and the Netherlands has the large monumental appearance GROTE GRIET (big Griet). 

Breakaleg Brothers

The Gebroeders Brekebeen (Breakaleg Brothers) are twins from an old seaman family.
It is not entirely clear whether they are identical, but they are inseparable.
That is why sometimes people whisper that they are Siamese twins.
Berend Brekebeen stands firmly with two feet on the ground and is as strong as a horse.
He easily carries Bastiaan on his shoulders.
Bastiaan is notoriously lazy, so that works out well.
But it mus be said that Bastiaan sings beautifully and is a virtuoso on the skipper's keyboard. 
Together the brothers are welcome guests at all kinds of nautical events, but they feel at home wherever the Dutch (sailor)song is appreciated.

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Harmony The Resting Mothers

The smallest (alternative) brassband in the world.
This brassband never plays off key and always on beat
But... with the sound of a big band. 

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Hieronymus van Capelle

With a large drum and cymbals on his back and his golden accordion in front of his belly, Hieronymus revives the memory of "Nikkelen Nelis".
But Hieronymus would not be Hieronymus if he had not tried to hang some extra instruments on it...  

The Orchestra Pit

On a beautiful day, HIERONYMUS VAN CAPELLE fired his entire orchestra. He had put all the instruments on a strange kind of cargo bike and since then he claims he can do it all by himself. And, between you and me, he can pull it off!

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Hillbilly Twins

Homer and Horace Hillbilly are twins from the deep, deep south of the USA. 
It is not entirely clear whether they are identical, but they are inseparable.
That is why sometimes people whisper that they are Siamese twins.
Homer stands firmly with two feet on the ground and is as strong as a horse.
He easily carries Horace on his shoulders and sometimes even beatboxes.
Horace plays the ukelele and sings the starts from the sky. 
Whoever sees these men knows at a single glance: simple is difficult enough and one up-tempo song says more than a thousand ballads!
Musical mobile street theatre act with built-in sound system. 


KaBuzz is a musical bee. He buzzes and sings about the birds and the bees, but also about other small and large animals. He accompanies himself on guitar, kazoo, nose flute and foot tambourine.

KaBuzz plays at:
*Markets and fairs
*Shopping centres
*Children's parties
*Congresses for entomologists
*Flowery theme parties

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Carnival Horse

An antique fairground horse with a beautiful lady on top of it, singing old Dutch songs live to her audience.
She drives around on her horse and sings well-known songs by, among others, Willeke Alberti and Wim Sonneveld.
Of course, the sound is amplified so that the public can fully enjoy this. 
This act is a picture to behold and a nightingale to listen to.
Kermispaardje 2 350 x 233

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Los del Sol

In terms of music, Los del Sol can rightly bear the name "two-man orchestra".
A journalist desribes the duo as follows: "The multi-instrumental and vocal duo amazes everyone with their combination of pan flutes, Mexican Mariachi, Caribbean rhythms and Latin Top 40. When you close your eyes, it sounds like an orchestra, when you open your eyes, you see that all those rhythms and sounds are only produced by two people: LOS DEL SOL".
Los del Sol plays all types of music genres from South America, Mexico, the Carribean and Spain. 

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McDixie Brothers

Two of a kind.....

Two musicians play and sing the nicest Dixieland and other popular songs from for example André Hazes, Eddy Christiani, Nico Haak, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Many well-known popular musicians pass by. The secret of this duo is in a mysterious mobile sound box with an accompaniment band hidden in it. Completely adapted to your wish or event, calm and modest or just smooth and exuberant. You can't think of anything as crazy as this duo! 

McDixie Light

New style Dixieland is the credo of this orchestra that consists of four permanent, professional musicians who are well attuned to each other. They are a young orchestra and that shows in the energetic way they perform. Swinging collectives, delightful solos and two-part vocals, those are the ingredients that make the orchestra successful. MxDixie plays a repertoire that is recognizable to everyone in a happy-dixie style and performs as a walk act but also at a fixed location or stage.

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Muzikale Koeke(n)bakkers

Tasteful, surprising and easily digestible.

This musical duo will treat you to wonderful sounds.
A menu full of recognizable and surprising music from traditional to swinging and from classic to modern. 
Both vocally and instrumental.
All this served with a generous portion of humour!
A music act to enjoy. 

Musical Sailor Boat

Cas(anova) and Co(sy) are pretty much the best navigators on lee shore. With their boat 'de Casco' they sail from port to port, from pub to pub and from sweetheart to sweetheart. They have to row with the straps they have but no water is too deep and the glass is always half full. These musical sailors sing wherever the girls are and have at least thirty other tough sailor songs in the smaller cafes on the harbor. In addition, they have an inexhausitible repertoire of romantic melodies and adornments from all over the world.

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Musical 'Sea' Men

Two musical sea dogs allow you to enjoy musical excesses that they learned on the open sea. None of the seven oceans goes too high. Oscillate with them on the stormy seas! 
Only sailor songs? No... just as easily they play Latin, Retro-pop, Jazz and even Classical music. The musical craftsmanship is peppered with a healty dose of humour. 
On the lower shore or on the ship, these cheerful sailors are happy to anchor for your company!

With a mobile piano/organ, saxophone, clarinet, percussion and vocals they are not tied to a stage but they can just as easily move among the audience.  


Three musicians sit in a huge wheel and play the original music of Pilu Spagnolo. 
The music causes the wheel to move and the wheel ensures that the music is created. 

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Say Cheese

If you say Holland, you say: clogs, mills and tulips. And of course cheese!
Cheese makes everyone smile, no matter if you're young, old or mature. 
And everyone loves cheese just as much as good music. Modern, old-fashioned or in between.
From the clog dance to the Dutch pop of Doe Maar. And from the hits of old to the current hits. 
The Dutch repertoire is undestroyable! 

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Nostalgic Musical Entertainment 
No bangers but just old-fashioned fun.
The Swing-Sirs bring tasteful, recognizable, nostalgic music in a swinging jacket.
Inviting to participate, to take a dance or to swoon away.
The repertoire mostly consists of crooners, (old style) jazz, swinging Dutch sing-alongs, evergreens and easy listening, both instrumentally and vocally.
With their mobile piano/organ and saxophone/clarinet they are not tied to a fixed stage and can move among the audience just as easily.  

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De Swingende Portiers

Swinging Porters

They won't be able to open the door, but they can greet your guests from a great height. The porters are two entertainers who welcome your guests. In addition to welcoming your guests in a cheerful and stylish way, the porters also swing to the music they produce themselves. The planning is immediatly clear at the door: it's time to party! 
Repertoire: Blame it on the Boogie, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, All You Need is Love, etcetera. 

Rogier De Nijs Group

Plastic Soup on Stage

The backdrop of this performance features a garbage dump in an apocalyptic world, a fantasy universe littered with plastic trash collected from every possible place. In this surreal world, percussionists play a unique array of homemade instruments, specifically created for the performance from actual plastic waste. 

With Plastic Soup on Stage, drummer Rogier De Nijs opposes the throw-away society and plastic waste in particular. He is amazed at the ease with which single-use plastic is manufactured, sold and then ends up in a landfill or in the ocean. His goal is to prove that something that seems to have lost its function can be of value again. He builds percussion instruments from plastic waste and uses them to compose contemporary music.

Tabasco Fun Orchestra

Nice and spicy for young and old. The Tabasco Fun Orchestra is a cheerful and flashy duo that makes unparalleled contagious music! From children's songs to smartlap and from polka to waltz, nothing is safe anymore. Everything is played so swingingly that sitting still is almost impossible. So let go of those hips, throw your hands in the air and join in on the fun. The Fun Orcherstra brings young and old into a festive mood. And to think that they 'only' play on an accordion and some pots and pans! Is this duo not spicy enough? They can also be booked as a trio with extra bass... 

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Twee Hoog - Hollandse muziek in Hollands kostuum

Two High

Where most musicians prefer to stay with both feet on the ground and most waders do not dare to go on musical excursions, Two High does not shy away from the combination of both. Jasmijn and Hans sing the Dutch song in all keys, but above all: at a high level. Their sailor songs tell of shipwrecks and hardships, of keels and barrels of rum, and are often provided with a profound morality and a catchy chorus. But with equal pleasure they sing children's songs, songs from the cabaret world, squatters from the musical repertoire and Dutch hits of all times. 
And who knows, Jasmijn might even dare to dance a little! 

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Troubadour Hans de Cock

This troubadour sings the stars from the sky while he accompanies himself on accordion or guitar. 
With music from Ireland, France, England, America and the Netherlands he knows how to captivate every audience, and he also knows how to make them laugh.
His repertoire contains songs from Piaf, Becaud, Brel, Rob de Nijs, Wim Sonneveld, Eric Clapton and many others.

He altered most of these songs. It is also possible for him to play a sailor repertoire and a medieval repertoire. He will change his outfit according to the theme. 

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Mobile digital organ.
Together with his two monkeys this eccentric organ man brings his tunes to the people. An eye-catcher for every event.
With more than 100 songs in stock, this act can be used on various occasions. 
The vehicle works electrically, so it is not polluting. 

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Velo Drum

Eddy and Roger, two old cyclists, are completely absorbed in their new passion. They have converted their bikes into mobile drum kits to bring a smashing crowd animation to street events. 
At fairgrounds, professional races, criteria and cyclocrosses, supporters and visitors are always confronted with long waiting periods before the cyclists pass by. 
During those moments Velo Drum appears and the viewers are animated and amused with a mini percussion concert. Always with a humorous nod to the cyclists world. 

Velo Drum is of course also suitable for fairs, markets, car-free days and street theatre festivals...

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A special percussion group. On all the occasions the mouths open with surprise and the audience is breathlessly watching and listening to u'MTATA. The occupation of the group consists of: snares, high and low surdos, tambourines and gogo. From African to Samba, Marcha or Reggae, it is all covered. Guaranteed a creative explosion with some theatrical elements and their very striking costumes. In the parade with the u'MTATA mobile they go to the designated playground(s). 

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Nostalgic Musical Entertainment.
No bangers but just old-fashioned fun. 

ZneriK plays, sings, drums and honks. 
With his mobile piano/organ he is not tied to a fixed stage. He can just as easily move among the audience. 
He tastefully presents a large, recognizable repertoire. 
Pleasant interaction with his audience and always a fitting song at hand. 
Pleasant sound, not too loud but clearly present. 

Singing Chefs

The Singing Chefs have a musical menu with many culinary songs. 
Repertoire: inexhaustible repertoire with listening songs and active songs for all ages.

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