Children's Theatre

Circus Factory

Catch and Throw Circus

Or how about learning to balance on a rope or a ball. Or hang upside down on the trapeze or learn to cycle on a unicycle. 
And don't forget to ask the circus teachers if they want to show a trick themselves.
The circus workshop takes place on the circus sail with contemporary circus music.
We can expand the circus with a juggling show or with a circus tent.

Arno Huibers Theatre Productions

As a clown and an actor, Arno has been making clown theatre from 1985 in which he distinguishes himself from the traditional clown's image with subtle and poetic humour. The appreciation for this is evident from the favourable critiques published by the international press. His clown takes him with his delicate form of humour into theatres and slums of South America, Indonesia, Europe and into his own theatre in his backyard. And now it brings him to you!

Clowns Gift

There is a big present on the stage. A dignified, bald gentleman with a red tuft of hair plays music. And there is another clown, not just a regular one but a fun one! Before the gift is unpacked, there's time for a lot of clown jokes with a musical garbage can, a living broom, with silent drums, the biggest baby, the most beautiful bubble in the world, opera and so much more... And the clown gift? We are happy to unpack it for you with an endearing smile to a guffaw.

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Circus Theatre Vladimir

Vladimir Adrift

Once he has slept in, Vladimir is a cheeky clown who does not hesitate to fool the public. Laid off by the audience, he gets so winded up that nothing can stop him. He expects full commitment from his beloved buddies in the show, three frogs and a chicken that he was just able to save from a diner. Public participation is also essential for the success of his acrobatic antics.
A dynamic performance with music, unicycles, animals and balance art. 

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Clown Malaba

For funny performances:
Malaba with his rola bola act
Malaba on the running ball
Malaba with his unicycling
Malaba's juggling acts
Malaba with his balls
Malaba with his diabolo act
Malaba with his bubbles
Malaba with his Devil stick manipulation

Het Vermaak

The Paintball Studio

Look at the masterpieces that are created in the paintball studio! Not with a brush and pallet, but with paintball guns! A house, a ball, a plane or perhaps something more seasonal? It does not matter what you choose. At the paintball studio it is always a sensation to create art!!!

Hatsjiekeflats 2 349 x 227


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De Vliegende Koffer

Knorrie Gnome

Boekie Big wants to have a picnic in the forest with Mol. Boekie does find it difficult to bring all the food. 
And then there's also a Grumpy gnome around with a growling stomach. 
A funny little story with an encore of two singing gnomes.
Cheerful and humorous 3+ puppet theater with beautiful large felt puppets from a puppet theatre.
Before and after the performances, Charlotte de Lange and Boekie Big appear in front of the cabinet to have a pleasant chat with the audience.
Image Entertainment Droom van Annebel

Image Entertainment

Annebel's Dream

When Annebel goes to sleep, the elves come and watch over her dreams. Travel with the elves to dream land and experience the most exciting adventures. The Dream of Annebel is a sympathized show for children with a cheerful elf and a great singing elf on a fairy tree. An imaginative act, played with a clear story that is not only designed to look....

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Kiki Kortkous en Meneer Stippel

Kiki Kortkous and Mister Stippel

Do you want to play together with the second cousin of Pippi Longstocking? That is possible!! Meet Kiki Kortkous and her horse mister Stippel! Go on the road together and experience the most crazy adventures. Kiki always plays around. But how could she not? To be pretty crazy runs in the family...!! To top it off Kiki has an amazing Kiki-quiz, where you always win a prize. And of course you can also take a ride with mister Stippel. Will you come and play? 
Nymfa het Boselfje

Nymfa the Forest Elf

Nymfa is a young and naughty forest elf, that has a lot to learn about the world of the grown up elves. 
Fortunately, she has enough time because she is only 123 years old. 
Even though her mother thinks she is too young to visit the humans, Nymfa does like to do that. 
She loves to play with the human children. 
Will you join Nymfa? Elf tag and elf hide and seek.
She also has an Elf Quiz with an Elf Prize.
Listen carefully to the story and you'll know all the right answers to win the prize!! 

Luuk's Puppet Theatre

Luuk's Puppet Theatre travels with tractor and trailer and can build the Puppet Theatre at any desired location! The puppet shows will be performed in this beautiful setting. 

Breathtaking, exciting, but also moving and playing the sensitive chord. The call for Jan Klaassen (Punch) will be the same in every generation, but after experiencing Luuk's puppet theatre, the puppet theatre is no longer the puppet theatre. Children from 3 to 90 years of age enjoy the exciting performances in Luuk's Puppet Theatre! 

Luuk's Puppet Theatre is suitable for indoor and outdoor performances.

Sonja Knoppers

Sonja Knoppers uses beautiful typewriters of yesteryear to enrich the lives of yourself and others. But you have to do something to do that: Typing!
Every person, young and old, has life wisdom. What wisdom would you like to share with the world? Or what is your wish to another human being? And what new wisdom will enrich your life?
Type your wish or wisdom 
Put it in the mailbox (give) 
And take your new wisdom (take)
The Typewriter stands for delightful typing fun at the atmospheric car. The various typewriters from the 70's type even more delicious by the matching disco music we play. Delicious nostalgia for the somewhat older generations, an interesting experience for the younger audience.
Martin Forget Circus van de dieren straattheater

Martin Forget

Circus of the Animals

Mart-O is a clown. He has been working for a large circus for a very long time. He sells the tickets, he cleans up the elephant rolls and takes good care of the animals. And yet Mart-O wants more: he wants to perform in the circus tent. Solo! He would like to do an audition but Mart-O suffers from stage fright: trembling knees, a fast beating heart, sweaty hands... how can you, as an talented artist, get rid of that nasty fear of the audience? Maybe the audience can help him with this... In this performance much attention has been paid to the set, the costumes and the attributes. By using technical gadgets, things on the stage come to life as it were. This gives the Circus of the Animals a special atmosphere. 

Who, Who, Oui!?

Martin is a stranger wherever he goes. In his search for who he is, he turns into a musician, a cyclist, a tennis player... What does he want to be?! How can he become someone?! From this total chaos a new identity finally emerges, in which every child recognizes themselves. An exciting story with short components. During the play, absurdity becomes reality. Martin plays with themes as friendship, self-delusion, uncertainty and dreams.
(from 4 to 12 years old)

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The Theatre Show

The Theatre Show is a combination of absurd mime sketches and hilarious clown sketches. 
Improvisation and contact with the audience are the power of this show. What is invisible becomes reality, and what is impossible becomes possible. Let him carry you away in this immersive, moving and funny theatre show.

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Bully, Stop It!

Educational School Presentation
Martijn is doing well again. He no longer has a stomachache nor a headache. He can sleep well again and he can finally go back to school with pleasure. Martijn has not been ill, but he was bullied. But why??? He doesn't know that himself. Martijn is an ordinary boy: not too thin, not too fat, not too tall, not too small, not too beautiful, not too ugly, not a hero and not a weakling. But still: the children from his other school thought Martijn was different and that is why he was bullied. It got so bad that he moved out of the school. 
"Bully, Stop It!" is a show that wants to show how much it can hurt and what you feel when you are bullied. This story is interspered with light-hearted, humerous skits. The show shows that if you are bullied, you should not keep it still. That it helpes if you talk about your problem with your parents and teachers. You can be who you are, just like everyone else! But the performance continues. He also talks about the bullies, the followers and the ones that stay silent. Who are they and how can they chance the situation?

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Fiets je schilderij

Reizende Fabriek

Pedal your Painting

Are you a real cyclist?
Or are you a hidden artist?
You might be both!
With this bicycle you can paint your own painting.

Choose your favourite colours and pedal away.
The painting will turn out differently if you cycle fast or slow.
When you finish your work of art simply let the paint dry on our specially built drying-bike.
11900893 894429487294558 389956409 o

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Bubble Garden

The Bubble Garden is a creative oasis-in-the-city where everything revolves around the making of the biggest and most beautiful soap bubbles. A festive mix of palm trees, rings, ropes, swords, spiders, metal drums, comfy beach chairs and litres of soapy water. This visual soap bubble theatre is a unique concept that is fun and challenging for young and old. In the Bubble Garden you place yourself in the spotlight and treat spectators to a magnificent bubble show where everything is based on "Hot Air". 

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Théâtre de la Toupine

Bestiaire Alpin

Parents on the seesaw ensure that the carrousel starts to turn. The carrousel consists of animals that can be found in the French Alps: a wolf, a marmot, an ibex, a fox, a yeti, a golden eagle and an elephant!!!
All the animals are made out of driftwood. 

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Koeien Carrousel en Orgameuh

The Cows Carrousel and Orgameuh

A funny herd of ten cows that runs around. 
Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old.
In front of the carrousel there is a big Mother Cow.
If the parents milk the Mother Cow and move her tail, the carrousel will run. 
The music comes from the Orgameuh, a unique organ with 19 cow bells made out of milk cartons and milk cans. 

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L'Orgarêve et ses Joyeux Nuages (De Droommachine)

L'Orgarêve et ses Joyeux Nuages (The Dream Machine)

Two machines in one. An organ and a carousel.
At the heart of an authentic Citroën C3 from 1929, an extraordinary organ is hidden. From the first notes of the music the children float away on colourful clouds and circle around a fantastic dream machine.
The carousel will only work when 3 adults push it. 
Suitable for children aged 1-6 years old. 

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Zanimal - The Disintegrated Carousel

Théâtre de la Toupine offers a new concept: a carousel, a child and a parent wander through the streets.
Different animals like a frog, swan, a ladybug, a bear, an elephant, a dragon, a rabbit, a fox and a duck welcome the children.
When the children take place in the cart, they can move legs, wings and beaks and they can activate the sound of the animals by activating the sound handles. 

And who are better than the parents as the main engine?!!

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An inspiring laboratory in which children can get creative in a challenging "do-it-yourself-world".

"Greenland" has various islands (tables) on which there is always something different to experience. Do you want to discover how you draw when your eyes confuse left and right? Or would you like to challenge yourself at the anti-shaking-spiral? Or do you want to scare the home front with your self-made balloon ghost? Or would you like to have your agility or visual insight tested? For everyone there is something that you continue to atrract to the interactive "Greenland". 
De rinkelbom kinder knutsel activiteit

KEI KindEnInstrument

The Rink Bomb

The Rink Bomb arose from the sound makers that were being used by rain dancers, shamans and medicine men to chase away the evil spirits. 
It usually consisted of a stick where an ugly head was cut out and then hung with nutshells and other things that made noise.
The KEI Foundation has breathed new life into this original instrument, but then with broomsticks.

A teddy bear, picked out by the child itself, will be mounted on the broomstick. The child can decorate the Rink Bomb with materials provided by the KEI Foundation, like keys, CDs, beads, etcetera. About 200 different items!!!
In one day, up to 250 Rink Bombs can be made, which can then be used by the children for a parade for example!
Or just for driving out bogeymen and other rabble. 

The Recycle Music Box

Geert builds instruments from recycled materials at every conceivable location. 

He prepares them in such a way that the instruments almost appear from the box like magic. 
A bit of juggling and a final touch and the children can try and play the instrument on their own. 
Geert builds the instruments himself in the life-size chest - also a beautiful decor. Around 250 to 300 instruments are made per half day. 
He builds five different models, all from recycled materials. 
The children can keep the musical instruments.  
Klei Atelier

Klei Atelier

Do magic with your hands, clay, paint and a wooden block...
Everyone can do that! The Klei Atelier (The Clay Studio) builds a wonderful covered atelier at festival locations, events, even the starting point for a running event. In this atelier everyone who feels like it can sculpt a unique clay figure. You can create a special creation in no time on a self-molded wooden base. The still fresh, soft clay can be painted immediately and everyone can take their result home. The beautiful red bus serves as an exhibition space where you can present your clay figures, so you can enjoy the festival and return to take the clay figure home with you. They will be safe in the bus. 
The covered Klei Atelier can host up to 60 children or adults at the same time. 


New Deep Sea Adventures with Captain Kosto

Captain Kosto has been an adventurer his whole life. With his submarine he explores the deepest oceans of the world... and they are deep! And whoever thinks it is boring so deep into the ocean, is totally wrong! He has experienced the most exciting adventures and he made extraordinary discoveries. His Submarine is filled with interesting measuring equipment and you can hear strange underwater sounds. Go with him under the sea if you dare! Captain Kosto also moves with the time. New equipment will make the travel through the oceans even more exciting.

The Submarine is a small theatre suitable for a maximum of 12 children up to 12 years of age. Unfortunately... adults can barely fit into the Submarine. They can sneak a peek through the portholes. Inside it is excitingly dark and there is so much to see and to discover. But what?... That is still a secret! 


'If less is more, lejo has it all' 

Lejo creates a unique form of theatre with few resources. 
His 'simple' puppets only consist of hands and wooden eyes. 
With this Lejo sets up a surprising and refreshing game, musically supported, without spoken words. 
Suitable for all ages!
His performances can be played both inside and outside.

Lejo also plays school performances for primary education.

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Sanseveria:super butts

Sanseveria the spider with seven legs.
Had her web spun over the pond today
She looked down and saw herself.
She counted seven legs, she saw a black fur and...
A big butt

And so the performance begins, which is performed in front of a cabinet with twelve departments, in which beautiful three-dimentional illustrations form the backdrop of the story. 
The adventure in which Sanseveria sets off and asks the other animals she meets: "do you see something special about my butt?"
They all have something to tell about their own butts, but nothing about Sanseveria's.
Luckily mommy spider knows that no other animal has a whole wire factory in their butt and Sanseveria actually has a super butt.

The performance Sanseveria:superbutts! is a theatrical storytelling of the book, made by Alex van der Hulst (text) and Mirjam van Gemert (illustration).

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Poppentheater Kris-Kras

Jan Klaassen & Katrijn

The traditional Jan Klaassen play is back in the spotlight. In an Old-Dutch puppet theatre Jan Klaassen (Punch) experiences various adventures.

Given the enthousiastic response from children and adults alike, it shows how 'immortal' this folk hero from the puppet theatre is. For outdoor shows there will be benches the children can sit on. The play will be performed with puppets that are over 50 years old.

In addition to the standard stories, Kris-Kras also plays shows with themes such as: Carnival, Sinterklaas, Christmas, etcetera. 

Robert Blake

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Western Magic Kids Show

After ROBERT "The Sheriff" BLAKE has parked his horse HAPPY SHIRT (a cousin of JOLLY JUMPER) at a flower bed, the program starts. At full speed this cowboy conjures up a varied program from his cowboy hat that both children and adults will enjoy. From mystery to humor, to mischievous magic sticks and children who have not washed their hands to jumping rope and a real lasso demonstration. 

Ruut van Hooft

The World Warden

Chagi is a world warden.
He is equipped with the task of looking after the world.
He arrives daily on his Vespa. 
Without him, the world would not turn.
With his air-cleaner and pump sprayer he ensures
that you can sleep peacefully
and step back into the world without a worry.

This performance was commissioned by the Rotterdam Environmental Center. It is a show for city squares, schools and community centers. A catchy environmental show without too many words. Excellent to combine with an information program about the environment. 
The show is suitable for all ages. 

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The Boxer with clown Baff

Cleaner Baff has a tidy mood as always and as long as the boxer is not yet here, he can clean up the boxing ring. He is soon in conflict with all the boxing material present. His imagination runs wild and he dreams of a career as a boxer. The fight can begin against an odd competitor.
Age group from four years old. 

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