Stilts Theatre

Art on Stilts

Lava Queens

Beautiful red/golden Lava Queens with a gorgeous musical addition.
The ladies are 3.20 meters high and dance a beautiful choreography on the street to jazzy songs.
The costumes are fully lit with soft, warm LED light.
A cheerful sunny scene with beautiful Lava Queens on stilts who create a fairytale atmosphere at any event with their illuminated crinolines.

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Family Vestdijk

A bourgeois family from the fifties: two stilt walking stiff parents, a crying baby in an oversized pram and a small boy, Bartje, of six years old, who makes it pretty difficult for his parents.
All in all the performance The Family Vestdijk is a lovely picture to look at, listen to and enjoy. Street theatre at it's best!

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Dutch Glory

Two Dutch farmers literally raise the spirit. 
Children and adults can play on the street, like the Dutch used to do!
The ladies will give a workshop walking on stilts but you can also participate to a meters long version of 'koekhappen'!
Hollandse Glorie op Stelten 350 x 350

Magic White Horses

These magically illuminated horses of almost 3 meters high, are an intriguing spectacle. 
Gorgeous white quadrupeds on stilts and front legs that create a fairytale-like atmosphere.
They can be deployed in many ways, in both Summer and Winter activities, as an entrance act, an animation act in between the audience and many other possibilities. 

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White Delight

They dance through the audience in angel like white baroque dresses.
While they dance they scatter flowers or snow over the audience.
The gorgeous costumes are supplied with led lights.
White Delight dances at dance parties, concerts and festivals.

Eventually expandable with the accompanying musical Princes Duo.
They have a broad repertoire of songs. 
The musicians are mobile: while they play they walk around, while the White Delights dance behind them.
White Delight 2 350 x 345

Alien Voyagers Stilt Theatre


They are an imposing presence
with their immaculately white and silver costumes,
with their aerodynamic shapes, that are designed to break the wind
with the lights on their broad shoulders
with their mysterious masks with which they recycle our precious air.

They are 'Aéromaniacs'

They truly give an extra dimension to every occasion: from dance events to theatre festivals. 
They are also extendable with a sound system and light effects of the aero-object. 

Alien Contact

This act has everything that will help your curiosity to triumph over your agony, so you will be able to enjoy the alien contact. 
But... do not forget: we are just as alien to them as they are to us!
And they are on a voyage of discovery...
Alien Voyagers - Cyclotron


Are they from this world or from outer space?
Alive or mechanized?
Friend or enemy?

Just a few of many questions that arise watching Cyclotron...

Cyclotron is a fascinating, interactive and entertaining act. On their spring stilts the actors are incredibly fast and able to jump more than one meter high. 
They create an inhuman movement vocabulary, that strengthens the feeling we are part of an exceptionally extraordinary encounter! 

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Dinky Dinos

A bright green triceratops, the three horned herbivore and a scarlet stegosaurus, the 'lizard-like' stately walk our streets on their four paws. With them the blue bipedal parasaurolophus, the cute and funny creature who communicates with sounds resonated by the big hollow crest protruding from the rear of its head.
They seem to explore our modern world following their animal instincts. They are searching for food. Protecting their new found territory and maybe even searching the crowd for new friends who would like to join them in their new surrealistic herd. 
Dinky Dinos is grand, interactive entertainment for young and old. 

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Alien Voyagers - Dragon Birds

Dragon Birds

These Dragon Birds perform a magical act.
Alien Voyagers uses an astonishingly visual language that stimulates the imagination. 
Played in a very subtle way, this act is about universal themes like origin and freedom. 
The Dragon Birds open a large, egg-shaped object... fairylike music sounds and the audience witnesses a miracle. 
Alien Voyagers Dragon Birds 2 350 x 334
Alien Voyagers Steltentheater - Monsieur et Madame

Monsieur et Madame

This recognizably funny slapstick couple is very similar to most couples since Adam and Eve. Monsieur is a big charmer, but Madame doesn't like it that much. This provides hilarious moments. 

Borgman & van der Have

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Napoleon and Joséphine

A high-flying, histerical walking act. 
She's the calm before his storm.
She walks.
He drives her crazy.
Will Napoleon stand tall, or will he whine and weep 'till the world is his?

In this high-flying historical act Napoleon will make a fool of himself, while Joséphine fools us all by walking on stilts. Napoleon tries to conquer the country as well as the audiences hearts by singing the Marseillaise and waving the French flag, but changes into a big cry baby that hides beneath Joséphines skirts if he doesn't get a bonbon. 

Circus Theatre Vladimir

Circus Theatre Vladimir

A gigantic but friendly... well, what is it actually? A swamp beast, gurgel freak, spiky spider, let your imagination ponder on it! Blurp is willing to give you a friendly paw, has a disarming wink, is capable of trotting, and doing other skips and hops. He even dances the polka!

Your public is welcomed with a smashing Blurp-build-up show.
Vladimir puts the parts together as if Blurp were an ingenuous assembly kit. The public participates and is constantly surprised by this amature "biologist".

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Blurp and Little Blurp

A gigantic but friendly... well, what is it actually? A swamp beast, gurgel freak, spiky spider, let your imagination ponder on it! The Blurps are willing to give you a friendly paw, have a disarming wink, are  capable of trotting, and doing other skips and hops. They even dance the polka!
Your public is welcomed with a smashing Blurp-build-up show.
Vladimir puts the parts together as if the Blurps were an ingenuous assembly kit. The public participates and is constantly surprised by this amature "biologist".


This beautiful 5-metre tall stilt walker creation dances elegantly and gracefully across your festival to poetic music.
She responds to you, holds out her hand, cradles you with her wings and takes you by surprise.

Compagnie Tac-O-Tac_photo by FITS-Paul-Baila

Compagnie Tac O Tac

Special Conquest

Tac O Tac's death defying acrobats are breathtaking - on their pneumatic stilts they jump meters high.
Special Conquest is the story of the conquest of space by three Russian explorers. 
They have only one goal: the flight to the moon!
A spectaculair act accompanied by their futuristic space wagon and a couple of special effects and where dance and acrobatics get mixed together with dangerous stunts. 

Compagnie Tac O Tac Special Conquest 349 x 194

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PinokkiA en Gepet Doublee Acrobatiek Theater


Pinocchio & Gepetto

A dream or reality?!
Everyone knows this famous duo from the fairy tale. You can see them coming from afar and you won't believe your eyes. Pinocchio and Gepetto suddenly walk among the public... and that is not a lie.
Now you can really meet and greet them.

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Frantastica Big Birds

Frantastica Big Birds


Big Birds

A long, long time ago, the world was inhabited by big birds with very large legs. 
And now, there are only two left... And sometimes, rarely, at special events they show themselves.
They parade by with their long legs and spread their meters long wings. An impressive spectacle.
Big Birds is an amazing act that is suitable for young and old.
The act is supported by music that one bird carries around.  

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Sirens of the Sky

Sirens of the Sky

These gorgeous creatures are half gods from the Greek mythology.
They enchant the audience with their beautiful appearance and graceful movements, accompanied by music. 
Sirens of the Sky is a unique act in the Netherlands.
This beautiful act can be booked with or without "live singing". 

White Peacockettes

These elegant ladies stroll and flirt with all their splendor. The fold-out peacock tail makes the outfit complete and they love to show it. The headdress and tail are illuminated, which makes it a very suitable act for both during the day and in the evening. All this splendor comes together nicely with the accompanying atmospheric music. 

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Nar en Harlekijn

Image Entertainment

Jester and Harlequin

You'll wonder: who is fooling who? The Jester and Harlequin feel at home at various events, especially in between the guests... a theatrical mime act for every occasion!

Two living mime dolls, one large and one small, move through and between the crowd. 
A humorous improvisation with a lot of interaction with the audience. 
Pierrot en Ballerina - Steltentheater

Pierrot and Ballerina

Pierrot extracts your most beautiful smile... and your neighbour his guffaw when you suddenly have the ropes and get control!!
A mime act with a large Pierrot doll (on stilts), that controls a small ballerina doll by strings. Pierrot knows many ways to entertain the public with her wordless, elegant humour. 

Sea Horses

Sea Horses are noble animals. No animal at sea possesses the grace, beauty and lovely movements of the Sea Horse. It is not surprising that many cherish a deep desire to span a Sea Horse. But alas. Sea Horses cannot be tamed. No, Sea Horses choose their own drivers. You may have to wait a lifetime. If you have the exceptional luck that a Sea Horse chooses you as its driver, cherish it. It is a rare loya; and brave friend.
For all others, it is all about seeing their majestic water play. Take your chance to stand face to face with a real wild Sea Horse. 

Krist Doo Festival Theatre


The Time-traveling Cavemen.
Urki the caveman and his cavewoman Oenga made a travel through time with their friend the cavebear. From the prehistory this primitive couple entered into the world of modern men. A wonderful adventure full of funny situations
Ût Hunebed mobieke walk-act. Steltenact

The Dolmen

The Time-traveling Cavemen.
Two Cavemen made a travel through time with their magical dolmen from prehistoric times. 
Miraculously, these early humans entered the modern world. As you can imagine, hilarity ensures!
The Dolmen is a unique stilt act that rocks.

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Stone-Age Rocks!

The Stone Giants
Suddenly here are these prehistoric stone figures,
where do they come from, these surrealistic sculptures?
Did they rise from ancient rock,
or descended from a rocky atmosphere?
Impressively large and very cozy,
they are hard, but they rock.
Soft on the inside and tender with contact,
at least, they try,
because they are full of life and a bit clumsy.

Slow-motion act with a lot of "statue freezes". 

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Wild Hog

The Time-traveling Cavemen.
Urki and Baraka are two cavemen from prehistoric times.
They were looking for the end of the world, but got lost deep in the dark forest.
There they found a big Wild Hog!
Together they made a long journey through time and they miraculously ended up in our time.
A wonderful adventure full of hilarious situations.

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Buddha’s stelten theater

Shalton Theatre

With impressive buildings, futuristic decoration and meticulous perfection, Shalton Theatre brings a surprising vision on timeless and universal themes like pride, desire, jealousy and love. 
Shalton's versatility is reflected in, among other things, the "walking acts" and short spectaculair shows. Shalton Theatre is the most sensational and innovative when they challenge gravity in their shows and performances. For this they usually use high stilts and constructions that are equally bizarre and surprising. 


Challenging. Seductive. Cheeky.
Gorgeous, large, bold Buddha's animate and play the audience ànd... each other.

A very colourful and compelling (walk)act.
Dance and movement are elevated to Art. 
Particularly suitable for festivals, clubs and trendy locations. 

Buddhas 285 x 250

Flying Carpet

A humouristic and spectaculair act in the style of "Thousand and one night".
When Sheik Alachamalachama arrives on a flying carpet, he gets all the attention. 
He comes to visit for a large transaction. Of course he also tries to sell some small products, but he also offers women from his harem for sale. A suitable buyer is sought from the audience.
He tries to make a golden deal, let a buyer fly and to have a party, but discovering his stolen harem wife yields a surprising conclusion for all. 
Frogs stelten animatie Shalton Theatre


These amphibians are elevated to art as colourful, natural-looking animals, evoke astonishment and amazement. 

Jumping and croaking they are looking for a place to enjoy their surroundings. 

With their long tongues they are looking for a treat and then they jump meters away. On to their next 'prey'.

The Frog King or Iron Henry walks straight out of a fairy tale of the Grimm brothers, who seek the enchantment during the performance. Many will have no choice but to believe this. 

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Green, brown, sympathetic and meters tall. Searching for treats, the Crickets will find their way. Streets, squares, narrow alleys, and broad festival terrains are the domain of these Crickets. Unsuspecting goodies within an arm's reach. They do not attack. Crickets wait. From great heights he suddenly searches contact. An invitating act that appeals to the imagination that stands out. 

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Music Train

Beautifully decorated living instruments as futuristic melody makers.
Equipped with sound elements - trickers and samplers - move four avantgarde creations through the space.
They challenge the audience to play them. 
Sky Dreams - steltentheater

Sky Dreams - walkact

Fly like a bird. Imagination, illusion and reality degenerate into an impressive total.
Visibly inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. A visual and groundbreaking spectacle. Reaching far beyond the horizon...
Special air acrobatics on stilts performed by (human) airplanes.
Depicted, played and performed by movement artists.
This walkact is accompanied by music and sound effects. 

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super comic hero parade shalton theatre

Super Hero Comic Parade

Do you remember the real Super Heroes? The modern heroes of the past?
Batman flew for a small group of fans with no trouble at all, while Robin was on the lookout. 
And Clark Kent, aka Superman, did his utmost to appear on the front page of the Daily Mirror every time.
And now they even come to you, high on their stilts they reintroduce themselves and take you with them into the exciting world of weightlessness, real bad guys, exciting actions and the taste of heroes.
Supported by music and sound effects.

A walk act with a lot of zoofs, bangs, splashes and kadengs.
The unsuspected comical talents of Robin, Batman and Superman reveal themselves when the three musketeers of Shalton Theatre spread their wings with a wingspan of 6 meters across the audience. 

Flying Dream - performance

In a science-fiction like setting, a grotesque figure tries to realize a dream: being able to fly!

White Dreams

Thanks to their magical appearance these angels are different than usual....
With beautiful wings and floating passion on stilts they bring the audience in ecstasy. 
Dormant and floating. A warm, loving act.


Bisous Bisous!

Florissant, graceful and with musical accompaniment, these loving ladies move on stilts! 
Dancing, exuberant pink blossoms and red roses are the colours of these generous palettes.
The charming characters lovingly turn the spotlight on the audience with the stylish mobile lamp they bring into play. 
With their enchanting and radiant presence, Bisous Bisous! brings a surprising, blossoming and loving atmosphere to any event. 
They exude joy and passion with fringe and frills. 
A sweet company, with a floral interactive fragrance. 
All with a wink and a kiss! 

An ideal act for Valentine's Day, or any other event to place people in the spotlight with a colourful frame.

Flamenco op stelten steltentheater

Flamenco on High Stilts

This Spanish Flamenco dancer dances passionately and a bit sensual on her high stilts. With her castanets she challenges you to dance as well and turns everything into a party! The act is equipped with a built-in sound system on battery in Flamenco backpack. 


These frivolous ladies like to show off their sunny side. 
With their fresh and fruity presence, you are assured of an exciting fun and cozy atmosphere. 
They would like to invite you for a Caribbean dance with them, perhaps... at a high level.
The act is equipped with a built-in sound system on battery in the fruity backpack. 

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Heksen op hoge poten

Witches on High Stilts

These exciting witches are a bit naughty with their broom.
Fron on high they invite interaction, but... watch out!
Don't stand in their way, they can be moody and a bit arrogant to annoying, but very tolerant for the small children.
They are ugly, but not really mean.
With their infectious laughter, they provide magical moments. 
Royal Shine! Steltentheater

Royal Shine!

The Royal Ladies love parties! They love to Shine with each other and with the audience. Parading, they invite the audience for a light chat and maybe even a dance at high level. An entertaining appearance on 1 and 1.5 meter high stilts. This verbal act can be booked as solo, duo, trio or quartet. 
Steampunk Stilts - Stephworx - Stelten act

Steampunk on Stilts

Strange, adventurous, curious and sturdy...
Like raven, they move smoothly through the audience.
'Armed' with a periscope, laser, and a healty dose of charm, they captivate their audience, mislead them and take you with them to new worlds where together, you will discover great things.
Supported by a cool soundtrack with machine sounds and music, these ladies enhance the atmosphere with this strong, visual stilt walk act. 


On waves of Victorian elegance, these two stilt figures dance on high stilts.
They take you into an enchanting world of Couture and Venetian atmospheres!
With graceful wings and splendor of colors, they gracefully swing in a beautiful choreography with a classical musical.
This is interspersed with game elements that allow the audience to interact.
An enchanting mobile walk / dance act with a harmonious whole, in which the audience is lifted and once again lingered in the Golden Age.

Music is added on the belt in the costume.

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Sven Roelants

Khalid & Co

"Khalid & Co" is a stilt-walking act that gave Sven international fame.
High above the heads of the audience he dances and seduces you with his colourful and sympathetic dragon. Or is it a camel? His grunting sound and characteristic movements make the whole lifelike and will certainly leave young and old not untouched. 

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Lange Guust Sven Roelants

Tall Gust

Long toes, long legs, dance, move
A trottinette, a claxinette
Juggling, improvise, red nose - no choice
Wheels move, are you coming?
O-who-what-where? There! Taaaaaaaaaaall Gust!!

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Ramza the Magician

When Ramza the magician - coming from another world - takes to the streets, people are shocked! He can also see the most magical things in his crystal ball. 
Ramza is accompanied by a small sweet poisonous "snakey" and together they can make everything go up in smoke. 
Juggling, clowning, puppetry and interaction with the audience are central in this act.

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Vannix Theatre


Get enchanted by this wonderfull lady that passes by. 
Enjoy her beauty, love and passion.
She moves elegantly and gracefully through this world in the colours of a peacock.
This short meeting will stay in your memories forever. 
Vannix Theater Avila 2
Butlers Vannix - steltenact

Butlers Vannix

A comical duo butlers on stilts that offer you their services.
She, Frau Friederike, thinks everything is under control.
Ferdinand is the chef but hasn't got the best qualities for it.
He will do anything to please the guests. He comes, to Friederike's despair, with the most bizarre solutions.
Entertainment at 'high' level. 

ButlersVannix Tafeltjevoortwee 350 x 500


Hurray! Here comes Liesl!
She is so cheerfully happy!
There is no party without this Bavarian woman.
In her own, charming way Liesl turns everything into a party!

Angelz Entertainment

Black Barbarella

Sturdy! Dominant! Extravagant! Bestial!
Powerful and Sexy!

This act can be performed with theatrical music, both mobile and on cd.
Beautiful as an opening act, or walk act, with lots of interaction with the audience!

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Diva Traviata

Diva Traviata on high stilts.
With her beautiful, colourful performance she seduces the heart of any audience in a theatrical way! With her beautiful fan she welcomes your guests passionately. This unique act can be strengthened with emotional theatrical music through a mobile sound sytem!
She loves to be accompanied by the Venetian Angelz on stilts.
Puts your guests immediately in the right mood! 

Venetian Angelz!

With their meter long wings, high above the audience, the Venetian Angelz are a great success. Mysterious, with glamour and style they give your event extra cachet. The act is provided with beautiful emotional music through a mobile sound system. 

China Diva & Samurai

New! Mysterious and Asian Grace!
With her beautiful fan wings she dances on 1 meter high stilts! In a very sensual way she plays the audience. She gets protected by two tough Samurai on stilts. This original act get accompanied by authentic Chinese music that is hidden in the costume! 

angelz china act2

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Pink Princess

She is enchantingly beautiful!
On her high stilts she seduces the audience in a fairytale-like way.
Solo or accompanied by the graceful Virgin White Angelz!

Space Butterfly

Alien on High Stilts!
Are they from this planet? Are they butterflies?
Or are they aliens? Exciting music swells up...
They dance on their high stilts! 

Merry Butterfly

Colourful and Wonderful!
A merry butterfly on high stilts conjures up the most beautiful flowers!
Solo or accompanied by 1, 2, 3, or 4 Magic Flowers. 

Rio Brasil

Whipping and Exotic!
Our beautiful Samba-Angelz dance sultry and tropically exotic in colourful costumes through your audience!

angelz rio-brasil3

Oriental Stilt Dancers

Mysterious and Stylish!
Oriental princesses dance graciously on high stilts and play the public in a mysterious way!

Red Sweethearts: Heartwarming!

They enchant the audience with their heart warming performance and their beautiful costumes in a passionate way. 
Arbres d'Or – De Gouden Bomen

Arbres d'Or – The Golden Trees

These elegant art-nouveau like tree creatures are a dazzling appearance.
Artistic styled tree figures, freely interpreted to nature.
The atmosphere is reminiscend of other times. 
Be surprised and seduced by these strange act that speaks to your imagination, but which also turns out to be an organic part of Mother Nature. 

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Birds of Paradise stelten theater

Birds of Paradise

Colourful Birds of Paradise are looking for a new habitat and settle down.
Once they have landed safely, they put their feathers back in order and in the meantime they also take care of the appearance of the audience.
When they land their eyes on an exotic human, their hearts beat faster and they plunge into a dance full of dedication to impress both each other and the chosen one with their feathers.
This can lead to hilarious situations!

birdsofparadise duo 1 349 x 151

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Close Act Theatre

The theatre spectacles of Close-Act travel all over the world. 
The performances, played by 3 to 40 actors, known no language, no culture and no age limit. That is why this Dutch group presents her acts not only in Europe, but also in Asia, South America, North America, Afrika and the Middle-East.

Because of their size, visual play and interactive character the performances that Close-Act brings have made a name for themselves in the field of street theatre. Malaya, one of the largest street theatre productions, is an example of this.  


The mysterious luminous birdmen
Huge illuminated animals rove the streets.
These flying animals are operate by mysterious men. We humans are unnoticed by these creatures. Are they living in another dimension and what is their reason to invade our streets. 

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Curious creatures stick out their neck.
Like in a trance these sheer size Blue Birds are wandering around. From high above these longnecks are watching down at you. There is no way you will miss them, when they start marching into the crowd. Their approach is friendly and prudent, but they surely are curious. Their long, long fingers are ticklish and their tall heads keep on nodding. 
Suddenly, they freeze to a halt, and tracking their leader calls they proceed in a stunning motion. 

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Giant beasts from prehistoric times.
They are presumed to be extinct, nonetheless the biggest beasts that ever walked the eart return to the twenty first century. With a deafening roar these Sauruses charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. People jump swiftly out of their way having never seen such giant beasts before. 
There is a widespread sigh of relief as the Sauruses start eating plants. Ah, vegetarians!

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The Gentleman

Some think they are Machos,
other think they are Maffiosi.
Most do think about Bodyguards.
They are it all - and also Gentlemen. Noble, elegant, standing out because of their height.
Endearing because of their charm...

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Die Quassler

Great looks, rare voices.
They are everywhere where something happened.
They're not from here and they know it.
But they no longer know where they landed. 

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De Fee en de Groene Bomen

Green Fairy and the Trees

You don't have to give them water! Enjoy this gorgeous green spectacle. 
High above the audienve the wind plays a magical dance with the trees. Slowly they start to move and exotic figures on stilts appear. The audience walks though the mysterious forest they form. You might even see the Green Fairy, who has enchanted the trees with her calming sounds. Sensual and elegant this green company brings the magic of nature back to our urban landscape. This spectacular act is performed by very experienced stilt walkers, tickles the imagination and brings you into tropical atmospheres. 

Groene Fee photo 350 x 232

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Icarus Performance Troupe


Large Bouncing Kangaroos on powerskip stilts. Jumping up to one meter high and two meters far, they truly are a phenomenal sight. Their characters show signs of Aussie macho and urban punk. Always tough but never theatening. A favourite at many festivals around the world. 

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Wegenstreits guests Hilarisch straattheater


Wegenstreits guests

In this performance, they are the silent stars of the street, they communicate with everything but their mouth. Be amazed if they climb facades and climb though the window of the upstairs neighbours, or if they stral the bike of an innocent passerby in exchange for a decrepit piece of furniture. The anarchist company Irrwisch causes a lot of commotion. On their high stilts they chase the audience from one side to the other without a word. Nothing or no one in the neighbourhood is safe around these impeccably dressed persons that seem to have only one goal: complete chaos and confusion...

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Lotus Ladies

From the long-forgotten gardens of Vantazia these hidden flowes arise. 
With their magical and colourful appearance they let every event blossom. 
Gracefully dancing through the audience, they enchant the audience and take them to higher places.
Suitable as an opening act with an enchanting dance of three minutes or as walk act. 

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Lente Elfjes stelten theater


Flower Fairies

The Flower Fairies always bring good weather with them. Everywhere they go, the sun will shine with them. They are soft and vulnerable like butterflies. They come from a magical world full enchantment and love. Dreamy and amazed they will take the audience with them. They shine, glitter, sparkle and smile in the always shining sun.

DSCF3972 350 x 234
Monseigneur et Madame Rouge-Blanc

Monseigneur et Madame Rouge-Blanc

With red as the colour of love, and white as a happy beaming energy, Monseigneur et Madame Rouge-Blace will spread the passion on your event. With all their oddities, winks and shans action they will confiscate the squares and supply your event with styled craziness! The man with the top hat blows in supreme seriousness his bubbles, and the woman, with large plumage, is as vain as a peacock! Together they have a strange energy and they go explore in the audience. It's time for parties and jokes, for tricks and bubbles! 

The Blue Fairies

A gentle breeze is blowing calmly, the leafs bounce up and down. What do we discover behind the trees in the clearing of the forest?
Two blue fairies, mother and daughter, together they travel the world and protect nature. The fairies are soft and vulnerable like butterflies. 
They come from a magical world, and share their enchantment and their loving prescence with you! Dreamy and amazed they take the audience with them to that other world, watch and enjoy!

medusa blauwe elfjes 2

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

Les Oiseaux de Lux

The most well-known NWSI stilt act. Les Oiseaux de Lux is an invasion of giant wingless birds and their riders. For the last 20 years they have made friends, performed street interventions and parades, and created amiable mayhem. Wherever in the world there is a zone of under-entertainment the birds respond... No task is too difficult and no journey too long. 

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The Butterfly Collection

What could be more festive, miraculous or memorable than the arrival of a large group of butterflies. These stilt figures are existing butterfly species. On a very loving way they search for interaction with children and adults. 

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Cotton On

The elegant sisters Anna, Hannah, Johanna en Suzannah celebrate their creative differences in their daily life.
They demonstrate this with embroidery from yarn and intricate knitting. In this way they make everything in life beautiful.
Anything from cross stitch displayed on a leaf to a line of wool situated in the air.
The beauty of these sisters is reflected in their joy and enthusiasm for even the smallest of things. They love to share their happiness with the public and by dancing on their high stilts.
The sisters invite the audience to take time out of their busy lives and enjoy the oasis of peace they create... just watch them enjoy every little moment.

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Mr. America Big Brother Uncle Sam

Height of 4 meters!
Not only a statue, but also a real robot doll with jerky movements and a shaky smile. 
Can be used anywhere: as a dance act, during an opening, at parties or on the street.
Also often accompanied by Luke Gelucky. 

Sam Shine Stilt Theatre

The Diva

This long-legged lady has the world at her feet or at least... she thinks so. In all her beauty she dances and shanses, strolls and flirts. Like the sun came up only for her she shines in the sunlight. Sometimes she has to fight for attention, but she is always ready to be admired, she feels honoured to be a guest at your event. The Diva can be booked solo or as duo. 

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The White Wish Fairy

She addresses people and gives them the opportunity to wish for something. To add extra force to the whole, the White Wish Fairy sprinkles some special wish glitter over the lucky person.
And then we have to wait and see if the wish comes true... no guarantees!!

This act can be adjusted to specific themes. 

There is also the possibility to hand out wishes, greetings or small gifts.

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Fabulous Fish stelten act

Fabulous Fish

A Queen Fish shines gold, orange and pink beautifully. Her fins move in the wind like she was in the water. Her two little fish discover life on land and try to teach mankind the art of swimming. 

At request the Fabulous Fish gets accompanied by two Water Dragons. They bring music with them, make large soap bubbles or wave large flags. 

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Fluor Fantastic

A squirmy flour creature discovers and touches, dances and surprises. 

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Water Nymphs

Mysterious Water Nymphs come ashore. Amazed they discover a world without water! Deep blue as they are they bring with them the magic and beauty of the five oceans. 

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With daylight SpikkelSzzz are a sparkling explosion of colours. 
When the moon appears, they transform into beautiful wisps that you can see dancing through the trees at night.
These sparkling, happy girls give off a glowing signal while they fly and seduce you to come and play with the lights.

SpikkelSzzz 2 300 x 391

Teatro Pavana


Proudly and self-confident the Pappagalli are walking around, showing off their beautiful plumage. Rightfully so because the range of colors of their feathers is very impressive indeed. It’s quite a sight when these birds start to dance in an elegant way. Because of their confidence they tend to get a bit silly with their flirty and sometimes naughty behavior. Parrots are also known for short-tempered character and good memory, so be careful when they get jealous.

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You can't overlook these beautiful ostrich-like creatures. They can be proud of their wonderful plumage. The Struzzi walk on fearlessly and with a candid look, they overview the world. Maybe they're sassy occasionally but we're sure you're willing to forgive them. Their riders seem to have grown together with these strong, elegant ratites, but who is in charge of whom?

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Branches creak; the leaves are rustling; there are noises in the bushes ... suddenly there are six huge giraffes right in front of you! Statuesque and tranquil creatures, they stride on, bending their elegant necks from time to time in order to nibble on a leaf, or greet one of the spectators. Giraffes are friendly and peaceable, but watch out! Remember they are wild animals ... 

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The Danzanti are gracious, temperamental señoritas. 
You must know that, although their dance may be very passionate, they have a gentle side as well.
To the mainly Spanish music, in all degrees of inciting to serene, beautiful choreographies are being performed. 
The Danzanti are thereby making good use of their beautiful big fans, cloths, veil fans and wings.
Also their dresses themselves play an important role. By playfully manipulating large silk cloths, the Danzanti seem to look different at every turn. 

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Le Ballerine

From what wonderous ballet have these dancers walked away from? 
When Le Bellerine turn their pirouettes, their beautiful coloured skirts move spectacularly along.
Clouds of tule wave and swirl synchronously or against each other, to the sound of music. 
It's not easy to balance on pointe, but with the instructions of the Ballet teacher the complicated choreography will be brought to a great success, right?

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Artists dressed in beautiful costumes, with exuberant colours, give shape to the act Colours. When these feminine creatures start to move, their garments dance along. A sea of colours spins and waves spectacularly along the bystanders and seems to become one organism.  

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When you meet the Clarini, you imagine yourself in a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Mystic music plays. A monk with a barrow escorts a procession of long caped characters. Tranquil and serene, they take time to make their synchronized movements. Their trumpet-like masks make alien noises. 
Suddenly they produce little fountains that sprinkle the audience. Are we witnessing a mysterious ritual?


From a distance, the family Antelope approaches proudly and elegant. Carefree, the antelope child frolics and dances between the adult animals. However these animals are always alert to imminent danger.  If they detect trouble they point their ears simultaneously. Anxious the antelopes listen, their heads held high. With their large gleaming eyes they penetrate their surroundings. For a moment they stand motionless. Not before they are sure that everything is safe, the family Antelope continues gracefully. 

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Le Dame

Make way for the upper class Ladies. These women love to be admired for their beautiful heaving skirts. But they really want you to bow for them, for they look down upon the common people. Their poor servant experiences this every day. It seems they will find pleasure in humiliating her and they call her to fo the most futile things. Is the housemaid really putting up with this treatment? 

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Stelten vlindervlucht

Butterfly Flight

Two fairylike Page Butterflies that dance and flutter high on their stilts above their audience.

Yeti stelten straattheater


In this surprising stilt animation the audience meets Yeti, the terrifying snow man. He is enormously large, hairy, hungry, lifelike and curious and gets accompanied by a small Neanderthal woman that, just like him, doesn't seem to understand anything about this world. At a closer acuaintance the Yeti appears to be endearing, friendly and far from extinct. 
Walkact suitable for all ages and indoors and outdoors.

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