Other Acts & Workshops

Circus Factory

Cath and Throw Circus

A lightning-fast No Nonsense circus program where everyone can come and catch and throw! You will learn tricks very fast. 
Who says circus is old-fashioned? Not with us!
Everyone has talent, young and old. Under the guidance of our professional teacher(s), you can learn to throw and catch with all kinds of circus equipment.
Or how about learning to balance on a rope or a ball. Or hang upside down on the trapeze or learn to cycle on a unicycle. 
And don't forget to ask the circus teachers if they want to show a trick themselves.
The circus workshop takes place on the circus sail with contemporary circus music. 
We can expand the circus with a juggling show or with a circus tent.



Fiesta! invites people to make a Mexican garland together, thus creating a connection between different places of the festival.
Everyone can join. Take a piece of the riding hooped skirt and cut it into a nice shape.
All those shapes are sewn together and while the high lady's hoop skirt gets emptier and emptier, the garland gets fuller and longer.
Time for a modest party.

*Walk act
*For young and old
*Inside and outside
*With music

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Tetra Town

Tetra-Town is a hangout for all ages. It is a theatrical recycling world where everything is made from Tetra packaging: the empty drink boxes. 
You can sit comfortably in a Tetra beach chair underneath a Tetra parasol and enjoy the special Tetra atmosphere. 
And at the Tetra terrace, cozy Country records will be played on an old-fashioned pick-up.
Every visitor to the Tetra village can make their own hat or cap under the expert guidance of the Tetra workers.
With this home-made headgear, the Tetra visitors swarm out and spread the Tetra vibe across the rest of the festival grounds.
TetraTown 2 350 x 286

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Martin Forget

Bully, Stop It!

Educational School Presentation
Martijn is doing well again. He no longer has a stomachache nor a headache. He can sleep well again and he can finally go back to school with pleasure. Martijn has not been ill, but he was bullied. But why??? He doesn't know that himself. Martijn is an ordinary boy: not too thin, not too fat, not too tall, not too small, not too beautiful, not too ugly, not a hero and not a weakling. But still: the children from his other school thought Martijn was different and that is why he was bullied. It got so bad that he moved out of the school. 
"Bully, Stop It!" is a show that wants to show how much it can hurt and what you feel when you are bullied. This story is interspered with light-hearted, humerous skits. The show shows that if you are bullied, you should not keep it still. That it helpes if you talk about your problem with your parents and teachers. You can be who you are, just like everyone else! But the performance continues. He also talks about the bullies, the followers and the ones that stay silent. Who are they and how can they chance the situation?

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Theatre Day Theater zonder Blabla

School activity

The theatre project "THEATRE DAY" aims to introduce children to various forms of performing acts: fairy-tale theatre, theatre, mime, clownery and improvisation. Each group follows a workshop in whick one is introduced to one of these disciples. In the workshop we work towards an act in which the children can play the stars from the sky. The project is concluded with a fun show in which the new artists will present their act to each other, to parents and other interested parties. 

Theater Zonder Blabla offers projects from one day to three days. Theater Zonder Blabla will provide the supervision, the theatre materials, the stage set and the sound system. Theater Zonder Blabla has extensive experience in supervising theatre projects for primary school students.  

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René van Hooren

Caricaturist and Magician

The nicest quick-draw artist of the Netherlands! And again he made someone happy with a caricature! Excitedly they are waiting in line for their turn. They don't have to wait long, every four minutes he finishes a drawing! In between, René conjures coins from someone's ear and lets sugar cubes float. The bystanders have a blast and will not soon forget your party or event!

In addition, René also provides the drawing workshop Humorworks, in which he reveals many of his secrets: the principle of caricature drawing is explained on the basis of recognizable examples. The participants are put to work themselves to draw each other and are encouraged to take risks and push the limits. Ideal as a form of team building!