Fire Theatre

Tales of Fire

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Woman Warrior

Relax, enjoy and be amazed by a post-apocalyptic warrior who takes you on an enchanting journey full of fire. She is accompanied by Fire Bull, a bull with a flaming flagpole.
A walking show with fire breathing, fire eating, other dangerous attributes and of course a lot of interaction with the audience. Before you know it you will have flames on your arm!

Thijs Mikx Creator

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Dragon Lucifer

Dragon Lucifer is definitely not a sweetheart! Meet (carefully) this fierce fire-breathing dragon, made from recycled materials.
A visually driving spectacle at your event.
Lucifer is towed by a post-apocalyptic Renault Twingo.

Marini Mendozie

The Fiery Glutton

Experience a fiery excitement when "The Fiery Glutton" takes the stage with a mesmerizing show of pyrotechnics.
The Fiery Glutton likes fire raw.
He doesn't care about a few bites more or less.
And spits with it. With flames up to 5 meters high!
Sparks! It certainly does, when he takes up juggling fireworks.
There is so much more:
- The flamethrower throws fire
- Steel fired drums produce fiery hits
- the burning star rises crackling to a climax.
In short: A fiery spectacle: fun and exciting at the same time.
Supported by powerful music. Beautiful in twilight or dark.

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The Fiery Glutton on his quad

The Fiery Glutton can also be used as a mobile show.
A fire show around and on his Quad with a trailer stage as a basis.
Own sound and necessary attributes on board.
A show with fire breathing, fire eating and fire juggling, glass shards and other dangerous attributes and of course a lot of interaction with the audience and using volunteers.
PS: Safety comes first at the Fiery Glutton.


The Uzz

The Uzz is a mysterious tribe that has their own ways with fire. On a four-meter high construction with three levels they bring a harmony of movement, fire, acrobatics and dance, hypnotizing the crowd. From intimate fire tangos to clouds of sparkles that make the skies burn. Huge flames make you feel the hear on your face. The Uzz will turn every event in an unforgettable experience. 
For this spectaculair show EyeBurn will pull out all the stops: constructions, gymnastics, acrobatics, flashlights, kung fu, splashes of fire, fire works, you name it. 

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Dance of Fire

In this spectacular dance show, EyeBurn blurs the lines between fire and performer. When the dance starts you will be hypnotized by a performance where dance, acrobatics, martial arts and big flames will al blend into the same choreography with a sparkling final. At the end you might ask yourself: "Were they dancing with fire or was the fire really dancing with them?"
This spectacular dance show is particularly suitable for dance and beach events. By means of clothing, music, attributes and routines, the show can be adapted to the theme of the party (eg Indian, African). The fire show works best on a raised platform or a flat roof above the audience, but can also take place on the ground or on the beach. This fire show will give and extra dimension to every dance party.

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Two pioneers from the Victorian period ended up in the present with their anachronistic vehicle. They are on their way to the burning Gates of Anubis, a time machine that is hidden somewhere in the sky. This time machine can only be found when they use their primary energy source. The fire will regularly reach the sky, hoping to make the Gates visible so they can finally continue their journey through time. 
(Walk Act)

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Zoektocht naar de Koning vuurshow

Flames of Chaos

The Lost King

The show takes place in a nuclear Winter: the world has been destroyed by a huge, all-destructive war. Survivors have withdrawn underground. They have appointed a King and a Queen to protect the last energy sources, two uranium crystals (computer-controlled spheres with LED lighting in them). But then there is an evil magician who ruins things for them. The magician abducts the King and one of the uranium crystals. The Queen has to find her lost King, and enters the world with her entourage. There are fights, love scenes, ballet and spectacle, and a good/bad ending... 

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Fire Dancers

The Fire Dancers dance with fiery fingers and fans.
Spectacularly, with passion, these seductive fire ladies dance their fire dances. 
At festivals, parties, in discos, but also to accompany opening ceremonies or alongside DJs...
Feel the heat! 

Velociped The Flaming Riksha

Mysterious figures from the Hell Fire pass slowly and silently on a flaming and hissing Riksha.
Where are they going? What is their purpose? Then suddenly there is noise and emotion, what happens?
With these ominous figures you never know...

Les Contes d’ Asphaldt

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The Unknown Worlds of Heren Ottfriedt

Dragons went extinct a long time ago.
Destroyed by human kind.
Or not all of them?
The last of the dragon keepers is on the road with their fire-breathing dragon.
Fierce and very much alive...
The dragon keeper, together with their dragon, will take you along in a true story about heroes, courage, knights and... dragons.

Paka The Uncredible

Elsie Dragon

Let's introduce!
A large-scale animatronic kinetic sculpture (7 meters long and a wing span of 6 meters). Sculptured from molded steel, found objects and surplus technology.
Hand crafted smooth curves create an organic feel as a contrast to the recycled industrial parts that you can see in the dragon.
The dragon is able to perform 36 different movements, such as flapping her mouth, spreading her wings, and moving her legs. 
There are 30 different special effects built in, including smoke, light, sound and fire. 
Elsie has a propane gas fire system. She spits fire like any self-respecting dragon does. 
The public can operate her through button cabinets that are hung around the dragon. 
Elsie Dragon is an "endearing" dragon robot... always looking for some fresh meat at a festival. But don't worry, she won't bite, she just spits fire.

dragon 349 x 232

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Flogging a Dead Horse

Paka The Uncredible truly is incredible. This performance is a unique combination of men and machine. An unbelievable example of applied knowledge of pneumatics, mechanical machinery, pyrotechnics and remote-controlled electronics. Together with the flamboyant play and the daring acrobatics of actor/scientist Simon Collins, a performance that will stay with you for a long time.

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Shalton Theatre

Circle of Life

A mega decor. 12 meters high, 10 meters wide. A majestic cocoon is hanging by a thread. 
An insect emerges. Is it a butterfly? A fly?
At the same time another flying creature appears out of nowhere. A bee? The two gigantic flutterers are preparing for a special encounter.
But a third insect intervenes. With her web. A spectaculair confrontation. As the imagination between attraction and repulsion.
A powerful fight for love and being together.