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Les Contes d’ Asphaldt


A fairy-like female is on her way with a unique and quirky skeleton, looking for a final resting place somewhere between heaven and earth. 
Ropes, pulleys and counterweights turn this subdued spectacle into a visually appealing and intriguing party, while a soft soundscape blows through the bones to support the atmosphere. The accessible non-verbal interaction between the puppet and the manipulator moves the audience. 
Custom lighting also makes it possible to take a trip in the evening and certainly contributes to the intimate nature of the act.
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Hands Up

The weirdest creatures appear in a furious pace, a though dog, a lazy musician, a hyperactive piano player and many others, all with their own characters and peculiarities. The music varies from classical to house in this modern energetic puppet show.
Ten fingers and a large supply of wooden eyes. Enough for Lejo to captivate his audience for 25 minutes. 
Lejo regularly plays a role with his short fascinating and funny stories in the Dutch version of the children's program Sesame Street. 
The show is played from a black, round puppet theatre. Light and sound are incorporated into the theatre. 

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Luuk's Puppet Theatre

Luuk's Puppet Theatre travels with tractor and trailer and can build the Puppet Theatre at any desired location! The puppet shows will be performed in this beautiful setting. 

Breathtaking, exciting, but also moving and playing the sensitive chord. The call for Jan Klaassen (Punch) will be the same in every generation, but after experiencing Luuk's puppet theatre, the puppet theatre is no longer the puppet theatre. Children from 3 to 90 years of age enjoy the exciting performances in Luuk's Puppet Theatre! 

Luuk's Puppet Theatre is suitable for indoor and outdoor performances.

De Vliegende Koffer

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

In this short puppet theater performance for children, the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood is played in a fresh and smooth way.
An enchanted forest, an exciting bedstead and a kitchen where you can bake to your heart's content appear from two suitcases.
About a girl who is bored, a mother who does not believe in fairy tales and a wolf who fortunately does not chew his food.

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Jøttnjøl mobiel straattheater Puppetry

Merkel & Vannix


Jøttnjøl come from afar. Where they come from, or where they are heading, no-one knows. But they are here now.
Their curiosity is boundless, they gather the odours and colours of life and wonder about everything you carry with you or leave behind. Who still cherishes treasures found at the beach, long, long ago? Who still has them? That very first marble, or maybe the last one? A paperclip, a dried flower, a lucky stone. Ordinary yet extraordinary things. Personal treasures, that don't fit into the life of a grown-up. 

Jøttnjøl love to take care of your and their treasures, they have enough room to care for all of them. They roam the streets and alleyways looking for more treasures, searching for the ultimate sensation of warmth and safety, Jøttnjøl, a special encounter, will find a place in everyone's heart. 

Jøttnjøl is a puppetry walkabout act. Two distinct creatures on their way, with enormous backpacks filled with gathered adventures and impressions. They've never finished collecting: after all, everything is of value. Street theatre with a poetic disposition. Unique and endearing. 

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Pêt-à-Porter mobiel straattheater Puppetry


Max the Horned Ape feels at home in any environment. He is easy to handle, housebroken, colourproof and wrinkle free. The ideal house and garden pet. This unique animal travels from zoo to zoo with his loyal porter "Porter", but will he find a place that would like to keep him? A mobile puppetry street act with one performer and one puppet(eer). 

Steven Luca


Street sweeper Schrott is friendly. Even climate-friendly.
He has an extraordinary interest in the residual waste from the passing public.
He sees the remnants that the spectators deposit in his rubbish bin as a valuable collection of items that could perhaps be given a second life. 
Who knows, you might go home with something beautiful. At least with a warm memory of that friendly street sweaper Schrott.
In this new act, which completely fits in with today's ecological zeitgeist, puppeteer Steven Luca approaches the public's residual waste with a large dose of poetry. This humble master of improvisation combines sadness with cheerful imagination.

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François Blanc

This small, poetic act has grown into a street theatre classic. 
For almost 20 years, puppeteer Steven Luca has had this picturesque puppet make white portraits of an enthousiastic public. 
From the first minute the manikin has the sympathy of the audience.
The painter who paints with white paint on a white canvas transcends his own work. 
François Blanc is touching, exciting, sweet and mean, a gem and a moment of relaxation in the hectic existence of modern society. 
In 2018, the documentary "They Call Me Busker" was published, about the work of puppeteer Steven Luca. 

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Poppentheater Kris Kras

Jan Klaassen & Katrijn

The traditional Jan Klaassen play is back in the spotlight. In an Old-Dutch puppet theatre Jan Klaassen (Punch) experiences various adventures.

Given the enthousiastic response from children and adults alike, it shows how 'immortal' this folk hero from the puppet theatre is. For outdoor shows there will be benches the children can sit on. The play will be performed with puppets that are over 50 years old.

In addition to the standard stories, Kris-Kras also plays shows with themes such as: Carnival, Sinterklaas, Christmas, etcetera.