Circus & Juggling

Malabarista Entertainment

Circus Bike Show

You can hear the circus bike coming from afar, with the matching circus music.
On site, the circus artist builds up the circus ring and then the show can begin.
The various acts are performed with lots of jokes.
Including devil sticks, diabolo, turning plates, juggling plates, ball manipulation, running ball, high unicycle, knives and fire.

Circus Factory

Cath and Throw Circus

A lightning-fast No Nonsense circus program where everyone can come and catch and throw! You will learn tricks very fast. 
Who says circus is old-fashioned? Not with us!
Everyone has talent, young and old. Under the guidance of our professional teacher(s), you can learn to throw and catch with all kinds of circus equipment.
Or how about learning to balance on a rope or a ball. Or hang upside down on the trapeze or learn to cycle on a unicycle. 
And don't forget to ask the circus teachers if they want to show a trick themselves.
The circus workshop takes place on the circus sail with contemporary circus music. 
We can expand the circus with a juggling show or with a circus tent.

Mr Dyvinetz

Cyr Wheel

This act is a combination of different techniques: a fusion between the artist and the extension of his body: the Cyr Wheel.
Only a few artists on the world know how to use the Cyr Wheel properly. 
With a total control over the ring, Mr Dyvinetz knows how to make spins in a 360 degree version in combination with acrobatic figures and surprising dance movements.
Playing with balance and visual beauty lead to this special act!

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