Coco XL

Coco XL: a striking musical walking act!
Visually pleasing and because of the musical accompainment it has a high entertainment level!
Coco XL consists of a huge cockerel that seems to move itself thanks to a ingenious mechanism.
The giant head moves back and forth while walking and its beak can open and close. 
A cheerful gentleman enthousiastically plays an accordeon on the cockerel's back.
Together they are looking for the "Golden Egg".
Women and children have nothing to fear from the duo. They even dance a little if you give them a kiss on the beak. 
But they want nothing to do with men, who always act like peacocks. 
In short, a party to look and listen to!

Cost 4 x 30 minutes € 550.00

Generous Easter Bunnies

Two Generous Easter Bunnies hand out...
Two happy Easter Bunnies walk around your event and hand out delicious chocolate Easter eggs.

Cost 4 x 45 minutes Duo € 695.00
Excluding chocolate Easter eggs
Travel cost € 0.30 / km from St Agatha (The Netherlands)

Easter Bunny Orchestra McDixie Light

This Easter Bunny Orchestra is very suitable for markets, fairs, at shopping malls or any other event. These Easter Bunnies play lovely Dixieland music, sing and entertain the audience. Handing out Easter eggs? Not a problem for these experienced Dixieland Easter Bunnies. The musicians bring atmosphere and are suitable for any event!

Cost 4 x 45 minutes 4 persons € 1,025.00
Cost 4 x 45 minutes 2 persons € 685.00
Travel costs € 0.40 / km from Zuid-Scharwoude (The Netherlands) 

Ben the Banjoman at Easter

At Easter, Ben the Banjoman takes on the role of a musical Easter Bunny and jumps on his horse to entertain his audience with happy music. This act is perfect for shopping malls, garden centers, Easter markets, etcetera. 
As a singing and playing cowboy Ben the Banjoman travels throughout the country. Whether it is a shopping mall, street fair, street festival or any other occasion, Ben the Banjoman always knows how to give it a festive touch. On his horse (ho, ho, don't panic: it's not a real horse!), he roams the audience. As a cowboy, Ben the Banjoman naturally sings the true country classics, but he also knows how to play his audience with a genuine sing-along song. As long as it's fun! By using excellent accompaniment via the built-in sound system, Ben the Banjoman manages to create a perfect sound on his own. 

Cost 4 x 30 minutes € 575.00
Het Te Gekke Paashazen Team

Easter Bunny Madness

4 crazy Easter Bunnies show off their tricks to the audience.
The team consists of:
An Easter Bunny that paints children's faces;
An Easter Bunny on stilts
An Easter Bunny that makes balloon figurines;
An Easter Bunny that hands out delicious Easter eggs.

Cost 4 x 45 minutes 4 persons € 895.00
Cost 4 x 45 minutes 3 persons (without the face painting Bunny) € 750.00
Free of travel costs for the first 100 kilometers, then € 0.45 / km from Heinenoord (The Netherlands) 

Face paint stand + 2 Easter Bunnies

When our Easter Bunnies are finished, it will swarm with small Easter Bunnies and other beautiful paintings.

Cost 4 consecutive hours € 550.00
Free of travel costs for the first 100 kilometers, then € 0.45 / km from Heinenoord (The Netherlands)

Chicken, I got you

Would you like some chicken? Of course only free range, you grant the animal that. Of course an American chicken, they are large. Fed with 12 different types of grain so they're incredibly large and strong. And butcher them in your own kitchen for the best result. The only thing you have to do is catch it. Oh, they are also really clever, we noticed.

Cost 3 hours with a few breaks € 960.00
Travel costs € 0.30 / km from Nederweert (The Netherlands)

Jumping Easter Bunnies

1 to 4 Jumping Easter Bunnies with their shenanigans, sympathetic and sometimes meters high. While handing out sweets they'll find their way. 
Streets, sqaures, narrow alleys and shopping malls are their domain.

Cost 4 x 30 minutes per Easter Bunny € 425.00
Travel costs € 0.32 / km from Cuijk (The Netherlands)

The Singing Easter Bunnies

Two Singing, swinging and music making Easter Bunnies make atmospheric cheerful music. 
The enthousiastic interaction with the audience ensures an extra festive Easter vibe. 
While dancing and music making they can hand out Easter eggs to the audience. 
The Easter eggs can be made available by the client.
And the small children won't be forgotten! The Easter Bunnies make the most beautiful balloon figures while they sing!

Cost 4 x 35 minutes € 750.00
Excluding Easter eggs
Travel costs € 0.30 / km from Turnhout (Belgium)

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The Egg Man

The Egg Man is made out of hundreds of eggs in happy colours.
Cheerful and enthousiastic he greets the audience and hands out Easter eggs. 

Cost 4 x 30 minutes € 675.00
Exclusiv eastern eggs € 100,00
Travel Costs € 0,30/km Amsterdam

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A magnificently feathered and musical poultry plays animal and human scenes between and with the audience. 
Puffed up, vain quarrelsome cocks, nagging mother hens, rickety stewing chickens and a daffy sweet fledging: this comical feathered gathering holds up a mirror to the audience in a good-natured, humorous way. 

Cost 3 x 30 minutes € 1,500.00
Travel costs € 300.00
Excluding accomodation

And also...

Said playing times apply in a half day of four hours, unless stated otherwise.
Prices and travel costs abroad in may vary. Price changes reserved.