Jarno di Parno

Mr. Suitcase

Mr. Suitcase is a homeless gentleman who travels the world on his cargo bike. His only luggage: 15 suitcases. There is enough material in it to let his audience become aquainted with his magical and clownish sides. 

Magic Herman

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Table Magic

This form of magic happens at the table with the audience. Right beneath their eyes. Yes, the audience is practically on top of it. The nice and good thing about "Close-up magic" is that a lot of tricks take place in the hands of the audience, so that they feel involved in the act that Herman has put together especially for this form of magic.

In appropriate or adapted style, depending on the theme, Magic Herman acts as a "Close-up magician" for example in your restaurant while your guests are waiting for their order. During your company party, your exhibition days, private dinners, business meetings, fairs, weddings, anniversaries or other parties. 

Robert Blake

Guillotine Magic Show!

Magic, comedy, piracy, theatre and a guillotine!
Pirate show that involves the Spanish pirate Jose Sebastien de la Fortuna and his daughters. A pirate story about gold and pearls and about the inoculation of ships. 
A show with a dramatic ending for Madame Louisette. The Queen of the Guillotine! 

The Cowboy Magic Show

Robert Blake combines his unique talents as a cowboy and magic entertainer into a dazzling show of magic, comedy, bull whips ands lassos to a Totaal (street) Theater experience. Whether it is the Krakeling, the trick from his great-grandfather, Miss Kitty's favourite saloon trick, the mysterious egg or the spectaculair way in which Robert catches his cow Annabell. Your audience will get a show that will be talked about for a long time. 
Experience the Magic of the Wild West! 

The Pirates Magic Show

It's showtime, pirate style... Arrrg!
Captain Robert "Quick Fingers" Blake has docked his ship "The Magic Lady".
He disembarks to show you his magic show.
Quick magic, varied show with fire, knives, whips & rum. Bottles that suddenly appear and the content disappears. 
This striking appearance will surprise you with his magic, humor and fast-paced improvisations.