Circus & Juggling

Malabarista Entertainment

Marc Muy Dificil

Marc Muy Dificil performs the most difficult circus, juggling and balacing skills in a hilarious way. When juggling, cones, balls and apples fly trough the air! 
The fantaaaaaaaastic effect of a diabolo, a Chinese miracle device, is explained and on top of a two-meter-high unicycle Marc Muy Dificil throws with knives. When spinning plates there fortunately is "an assistant" ready with a broom, because it always seems to be going wrong. Theatre and circus are combined with each other with jokes and unexpected turns. Marc Muy Dificil can be used as a street act, walking act or as stage act.
Markus de Circusknecht circus straatvoorstelling

Markus the Circus Servant

Markus has built the circus, but the artists are not there yet. 
Before the audience becomes impatient, Markus himself starts to show circus tricks himself.
He is actually doing quite well and he is funny and entertaining as well. 
But eventually everything goes wrong and Markus starts to ask if there are any artists in te room. 
Children (and adults) from the audience venture into the slopes to help Markus out of the fire. 
Under the guidance of Markus, there will be a spectacular act, together with the audience.
The funny and interactive circus tricks follow each other in rapid succession. It seems like the audience is enjoying themselves...
Together with Markus of course, who clearly enjoys it more and more. 

Mr Dyvinetz

Cyr Wheel

This act is a combination of different techniques: a fusion between the artist and the extension of his body: the Cyr Wheel.
Only a few artists on the world know how to use the Cyr Wheel properly. 
With a total control over the ring, Mr Dyvinetz knows how to make spins in a 360 degree version in combination with acrobatic figures and surprising dance movements.
Playing with balance and visual beauty lead to this special act!